What is the Full Form of IIPA?

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Full Form of IIPA

The full form of IIPA is the Indian Institute of Public Administration. IIPA was created under the Indian Societies Act (1860). The Institution was inaugurated by India’s 1st PM, Jawaharlal Nehru in New Delhi. IIPA was established to equip public servants with the knowledge, behavioral competencies, and functional skills essential to manage government tasks. Therefore, the institution works in collaboration with international and national organizations. Some of the main activities of the organization are training, advisory and Consultancy services,  Research, information dissemination, and exchange. Keep reading to know more about IIPA.

IIPA Full Form: Mission

The mission of IIPA is to enhance the relationship with the government and research advancement on public governance, organizing education and training courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, and public discussions for sharing knowledge between academicians and practitioners. Moreover, engage in consultancy for the implementation of knowledge. For example, publishing newsletters, research papers, printed books, and digital media for wider access to knowledge. Another goal is to activate the public interest and participation in the improvement of public governance, policies, and application.

IIPA Objectives 

There are several objectives of IIPA. IIPA full from is Indian Insitute of Public Administration. Some of the main objectives of IIPA are listed below:

  • Promote and provide public administration studies, economics, and political science with special emphasis on public administration and government machinery 
  • Undertake, facilitate, and organize conferences, courses, lectures, and research regarding the same 
  •  Publishing journals, research papers, books to provide training and increase the study of public administration
  • Maintain libraries and information services to assist the study of public administration
  • Establish regional branches at Indian centers to promote the objectives of the institute
  • Lastly, cooperate with recognized institutions and bodies to promote public administration

IIPA Centers 

The full form of IIPA is the Indian Institute of Public Administration. The institute is located in New Delhi India. The main centers of IIPA are as follows:

  • Environment and climate change
  • Urban Studies 
  • Centre of tribal research and exploration
  • Dr. Ambedkar Centre for Social Change
  • Case Study
  • Consumer studies 
  • Economic growth and management studies 
  • International relations
  • Good Governance
  • Centre for Doctoral Research

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