25 Interesting Facts About Goa You Should Know Before Your Summer Trip

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Goa is a small state located on the southwestern coastline of the Arabian Sea. It is a famous tourist attraction known for breathtaking views, beautiful beaches, Goan cuisine, and peace that every traveller needs in their life. Moreover, its huge casinos and happening night life, making it a thrilling experience for outsiders. Did you know that Goa was once a part of Maurayn Empire? Here are other interesting facts about Goa. 

Interesting Facts About Goa

  1. Goa was initially a union territory and was later changed to a state in 1987. 
  1. Goa is the smallest state in India, with an area of about 3702 km2. 
  1. It is called Paradise in a Pocket due to its beautiful scenery and small size. 
  1. Panjim is the capital of Goa. 
  1. Goans or the people of Goa born before 1961 can have dual citizenship, Indian and Portuguese. 
Interesting Facts About Goa
  1. The official languages of Goa include Marathi and Konkani. 
  1. Apart from Orissa, Goa is where you can find Olive Ridley turtles laying eggs. 
  1. Goa has the highest per capita income in India. It also has a booming tourist industry. 
  1. Goa houses six conservation areas where you can spot over 400 bird species. 
Interesting Facts About Goa
  1. Goa is the only place where you can enjoy legal two-wheeler taxis, also known as pilots. 
  1. The Portuguese army ruled Goa for over 450 years. 
  1. The Portuguese Colonial Rule was established in Goa in 1510. They defeated Bijapur Sultan Yusuf Adil Shah. 
Interesting Facts About Goa
  1. Goan cuisine features Portuguese influences. For instance, vindaloo is a famous Goan dish whose name is derived from a Portuguese dish “carne de vinha de alhos”. It is made from, usually pork, with wine and garlic. 
  1. Goa celebrates Independence Day twice a year. This is because although India gained independence on 15 August 1947, the Portuguese governor surrendered on 18th December and the next day, Goa finally became a part of India on 19th December. 
  1. Geologists believe that Goa houses traces of some of the earliest human settlements which might date back to the Stone Age.
  1. You can experience the Dudhsagar Waterfalls in Goa, the second-highest waterfall in India which measures up to 603 metres tall. 
Interesting Facts About Goa
  1. There are over 7000 bars in Goa, making it a highly sought-after destination for party animals.
  1. Over one-third part of Goa is covered in dense green forests and lush flora and fauna. 
  1. The non-decomposed body of St. Francis Xavier was transferred to Goa in the 16th century in a lime slake. Today it is kept inside a glass case and attracts visitors from all over the world. 
  1. The Portuguese introduced the first printing press in India in 1550 at St. Paul’s College.  
Interesting Facts About Goa
  1. Located in Goa, the Naval Aviation Museum is the first of its kind in Asia. It beautifully displays the progress of the Indian Naval Arm over the years. 
  1. Goa also houses Asia’s largest floating casino, known by the name Deltin Royale. It is spread over 50,000 sq. ft and holds about 1000 gaming positions. 
  1. Goa is home to the largest church in Asia, the Basilica of Bom Jesus.
  1. Gaur or Indian bison is the state animal of Goa. 
Interesting Facts About Goa
  1. Goa is the state with the highest ore exports in India. 

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