What is the Full Form of ICFAI?

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Full form of ICFAI

The full form of ICFAI is Institute Chartered Financial Analysts of India. In accordance with the Andhra Pradesh (Telangana Area) Public Societies Registration Act, 1350 Fasli (ACT I of 1350 F), (ICFAI) is a not-for-profit society. Through its CFA program, which is a certification course for Financial Analysts, the ICFAI demonstrated its effectiveness in creating a new generation of professionals in India.

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Establishment of ICFAI Business Schools  

ICFAI established ICFAI Business Schools in eight different locations across India in 1995 to provide two-year Post Graduate Management programs of excellent quality with a variety of specializations. 

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Vision and Mission of ICFAI

  • Establishing a network of research and teaching universities across many states to guarantee excellent academic delivery and encourage a robust research culture among the faculty.
  • Increasing the number of experienced faculty members in order to support educational programs that are career-focused and transmit quality information. 

The mission of ICFAI is “Learning in Leadership”.

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