What is the Full Form of ACCA?

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ACCA full form

The full form of ACCA is the ‘Association of Certified Chartered Accountants.’ This global body for professional accountants was established in 1904 and consists of 219,000 members and 517,000 students. It is spread throughout 179 countries. ACCA offers a certified qualification and works with a network of learning providers and employers to ensure high standards. Moreover, it holds recognition for various accounting and tax purposes in multiple jurisdictions. Additionally, ACCA actively participates in international and regional accounting forums and partnerships.

ACCA Eligibility Criteria

The candidates have to have the following requirements to become one of the ACCA

  1. Candidate has to qualify for the 10+2 examination with a total of 65% in English and Mathematics, and a total of 50% in the rest of the subjects.
  1. Another option for candidates who haven’t cleared the above-mentioned criteria, and are in 10 standards can register through the course by Foundation in Accountancy (FIA). 

ACCA in Railways- AC Coach Attendant

The full form of ACCA in Ralways is AC Coach Attendant. In Indian Railways, an AC Coach Attendant plays a major role in ensuring that passengers get comfort and safety in their journey.  Some of their key responsibilities are as follows:

Welcoming Passengers– As passengers board the train, the foremost important work that the AC Coach attendant should do is to greet them at the boarding. 

Cleanliness Maintain- They have to look after their coaches’ cleanliness and ensure it is clean and have maintained hygiene. 

Safety and Security- These professionals are trained in a way that they already know what to do when in cases of emergency.

Other duties include sending bed linen to passengers, and collecting it at the end of their journey.

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