What is the Full Form of NEFA?

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The full form of NEFA is Northeast Frontier Agency. Initially known as the North-East Frontier Tracts (NEFT), it refers to one of the famous political divisions demarcated in British India. The history of NEFA, now known as Arunachal Pradesh, is both intriguing and fascinating in shaping the nation’s geography. 

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A Historical Overview of NEFA

NEFA was established sometime between 1950 – 1953. It was a period where most of the northeastern states were inhabited by different tribal communities. During its early years, NEFA was more of a frontier agency than a complete state. It was only in the year 1965 that its administrative responsibilities were handed over to the Ministry of Home Affairs. The administration of this region focused mainly on promoting law and order as well as fostering a sense of national unity among the diverse population. 

The region was characterized by its lush forests, diverse ethnic groups, different languages, and rugged terrain. Accordingly, the northeaster borders were inaccessible. The government of India passed the NEFA Panchayat Raj Regulation Act in 1967. It awarded the Traditional Village Councils, the status of Gram Panchayat. 

The pivotal moment arrived when It came under the state of Assam post-independence in 1947. It was governed by the state until it was declared a Union Territory of Arunachal Pradesh on January 20, 1972. In addition to this, NEFA was awarded the title of a state on February 20, 1987. This put it under the control of the state’s chief minister. Accordingly, elections to the Legislative Assembly were held for the first time in 1978. 

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