What is International Space Station?

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What is International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is a spacecraft orbiting around the earth. Think of it as a home for astronauts and cosmonauts to live and research outer space in zero G-force using science laboratories and equipment. It is the result of an endless pursuit to explore what’s beyond with engineering collaboration. 

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About International Space Station

The size of ISS is about as long as a football field, but it is just a bit shorter by a few yards. It measures around 356 feet from one end of the field to the other, which is almost the same length as the field, including the end zones. Moreover, the ISS can travel at the speed of light about 17,500 miles/28,000 kilometres per hour. The cost of this spacecraft is around 15,000 crores USD.

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International Space Station Launch Date

The launch of the ISS represents the remarkable collaboration among various space agencies. This is how it all began:

  • The first segment was launched on November 20, 1998. It is known as the Zarya Control Module, launched by Russia’s Proton rocket.
  • The second segment of the ISS was launched by the US on December 4 1998. It is known as Unity.
  • Then the Russian-built Zvezda was added on November 2 of the mid-2000 as a habitat and control centre.

Later on, a NASA zero gravity laboratory called Destiny joined the ISS along with several other laboratories and habitats. 


What is the International Space Station used for?

The International Space Station is a place to live for astronauts outside the Earth. Also, they can perform scientific and technological research in a zero-gravity environment. 

Who owns the ISS?

Interestingly, the ISS is not owned by a single country. Instead, it is the result of an ingenious cooperation between Europe, the USA, Russia, Canada, and Japan. 

What is inside the International Space Station?

The ISS consists of a living and working space, six bedrooms, six sleeping quarters, two bathrooms, and a gym.

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