What is AWS Full Form?

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AWS full form

The AWS full form is Amazon Web Services. Amazon offers a comprehensive cloud service platform which provides various services. These services include remote computing, database storage, continent delivery, networking, email, mobile development and more. AWS are on-demand that does not require any upfront payment for most of them. Software developers, MPOs, private organizations, educational institutes, and government agencies commonly use pay-as-you-go tools and solutions across 190 countries. 

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What are the Applications of AWS?

Given below are the popular services available at AWS

  • Academic Computing
  • Media distribution & Content delivery 
  • Website Hosting 
  • Managing Search Engines 
  • Social Media & Mobile Applications 
  • SaaS hosting/ Application hosting 
  • Sharing of Media (Videos/ Images) 
  • Development and test environments 
  • Recovery of Storage, Backup, Disaster Recovery 
  • Social Networking

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What are the Benefits of AWS?

Check out these amazing benefits of AWS:

  • This allows the users to save money instead of buying expensive hardware devices like storage devices, servers etc. All these services are available on AWS at cheaper rates.
  • The UI is designed specifically for the ease of users. The sign-up process is also quite easy for non-tech-savvy users.
  • All the data and physical infrastructure of the user is safe with AWS as they offer reliable security
  • The customer support team is readily available for users whenever they feel stuck 
  • AWS is consistently working to add more features, services and security updates for the users
  • It also offers virtually unlimited storage capacity with its S3 and Glacier storage services

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