What is the Full Form of PT? 

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PT Full Form

The full form of PT is Physical Training. PT involves doing physical exercise in order to achieve a fit body which helps in getting physically and mentally healthy. The state in which an individual is able to perform vigorous tasks and workouts is called physical fitness. A healthy diet coupled with exercise can help an individual maintain a great lifestyle and achieve high energy levels. Physical exercise without a healthy diet cannot help an individual achieve the best out of workouts. Apart from this, it is also important that proper rest is taken after a workout session. 

Importance of PT 

  • After COVID hit our lives, it goes without saying how important is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Doing physical exercise can help us achieve a healthy body which in turn will protect us against diseases. 
  • Physical exercise helps in getting good muscles and body shape which aids an individual to look attractive and feel confident.
  • Doing exercise helps in increasing the efficiency of health and decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It also reduces the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, type-2 Diabetes, etc. 

How to do PT? 

  • The most common way to indulge in physical training is by going to the gym and taking help from the trainer and using various equipment to do exercise. One can also indulge in other forms of exercise like Yoga, Zumba, dance, etc. based on their liking. 
  • Different parts of the body have different types of exercises. For example, one should do squats for the exercise of legs, for biceps, one can do push-ups and to improve endurance one can do running. 
  • If going to the gym doesn’t interest you then you can also try rock climbing, kickboxing, aerobics, cycling, swimming, etc. which are also great ways to indulge in physical exercise.  

Side Effects of PT

  • If an individual is doing intense workouts and not taking proper rest and a healthy diet then it can have an adverse effect on the body as it can make them feel restless and fatigued. 
  • It is quite important to do physical training under the supervision of trainers and take their expert advice, as without it an individual can sometimes suffer from injuries which happen quite a lot.
  • In order to get quick results steroids are promoted and many gym freaks fall into this trap. Steroids can reduce male fertility levels and can even lead to sterility. 

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