What Is the Full Form Of DCLR?

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DCLR Full Form

The full form of DCLR is Deputy Collector Land Reform, a government official in India responsible for managing land records. They are crucial in ensuring land ownership is clear and disputes are settled efficiently. DCLRs oversee land registration and mutation (ownership changes). Their work is essential for maintaining a transparent land management system. 

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Who is DCLR?

Deputy Collector Land Reform conducts magisterial roles under the criminal procedure 1973. The all-India Indian Service Officer or deputy collector of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), is referred to as the deputy commissioner in some states. In addition to maintaining a district’s law and order, they are in charge of collecting land, and canal revenues. In cases where divisional commissioners are appointed, they oversee their work.

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History of DCLR

The history of DCLR in India dates back to the era when India was a British colony.

  • Warren Hastings introduced the district collector officer in 1772 by the district magistrate named Dewan.
  • In 1858, their work was to collect the tax from the British government.
  • During British rule, a collector was the head of the revenue collection and was in charge of registration, alteration, and resolution of disputes.

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Functions of Deputy Collector

There are a number of duties and responsibilities that are overseen by a deputy collector, some of which are as follows:

  • Land and canal revenue collection
  • Law and Order Maintenance
  • Disaster Management
  • Deputy Collector Posting


What does DCLR stand for?

DCLR stands for Deputy Collector Land Reform.

Who is a DCLR?

A DCLR is a government official responsible for managing land records and overseeing land-related matters within a district.

What are the functions of a DCLR?

The functions of a DCLR include land and canal revenue collection, law and order maintenance, disaster management, and overseeing deputy collector postings.

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