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Automotive Design

Treating the world as a canvas and painting a stylish car of your dream makes you an excellent designer. A new vehicle that you witness on the road is nothing but the craftsmanship of an Automotive Designer. Designing is actually serving clients with acme styles without compromising with their safety. A field involving creativity always makes itself enticing enough for the students having a keen interest in designing vehicles. Desirable to a lot many people, the Automobile industry generate a great level of employment.

What is Automotive Design?

Automotive Design is an innovative program involving the design of automobiles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. at both the interior as well as the exterior level. Professionals are responsible to ensure all the safety measures associated with the vehicle along with its unique appearance. A study of Automotive Design combines the aesthetics, ergonomic principles and aerodynamic properties to crave out the best and most reliable physical body for an automobile. 

Who is an Automotive Designer?

Automotive Designers are creative professional researching for new ideas concerning automobiles’ modification. The primary step involved in the design process is to draw the idea on a paper and then convert it into a graphic design using computer software. The latter part is specific to carving out of the automobile body using a special clay, after which, the model is sent for aerodynamic testing. An Automotive Designer strives to create the best out of mere plastic.

Skills Required

Here are some of the essential skills needed to be an efficient Automotive Designer:

  • Keen Interest in Automobiles
  • Sketching and Design Skills
  • Knowledge of Latest Designing Softwares 
  • Immense Interest in Trends Automobile Designs
  • Creativity and Innovative Mind
  • Keen Observant
  • Business Insight
  • Team Player
  • Complex Problem-solving Skills
  • An Eye for Detail

Duties of an Automotive Designer

The following could be your set of duties or responsibilities once you enter an automobile manufacturing company as an Automotive Designer:

  • Drafting the layouts of various automobile components.
  • Assembling the parts of the automobile body.
  • Collaborating with Automobile Engineers to check all the calculations.
  • Ensuring all necessary safety measures.
  • Satisfactory service for customers as well as the company

Why Pursue an Automotive Design Course?

With a great passion and love for the latest automobile that is launched every day in the market, numerous job opportunities arise along with it. A career in Automotive Design offers a secured job with a high salary benefit. Other than this, the following are some of the advantages that come along for Automotive Designers:

  • Getting to learn creative ways to maximize your ideas.
  • Development of skills to establish your car designs to the next level.
  • Great knowledge of materials used in the design as well as the manufacturing process.
  • Accuracy and speed while sketching out the designs.

Eligibility Criteria

Automotive Design courses are available for enthusiastic students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Other than this, there are various diploma or certificate program specific to develop technical and extensive designing skills in the automobile industry.

Before you go on choosing the right course, it is important for you to know the key eligibility requirements asked by various universities or colleges abroad:

For students willing to pursue courses at the undergraduate level, the duration of the course is generally for 3 to 4-year which requires a minimum of 10+2 or equivalent academic qualification from a recognized institution.

Students aspiring to opt for a postgraduate study require a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the related field from an accredited institution. The courses would last for a duration of 1 or 2-year.

English-language proficiency tests include IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and Cambridge English.

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Types of Job Roles Automotive Designer

A strong interest in vehicle design might open up a various strong interest in vehicle design might open up a variety of professional opportunities. Below are a few things candidates in the subject of vehicle design frequently take into account.

  • Designers: A designer has to create an illustration and constantly deliver top-notch design work.
  • Architect: Typically, they create buildings for indoor or outdoor areas. It is their responsibility to compile pertinent data, such as environmental impact, site selection, building codes, and zoning laws.
  • Product Designers: The items we use every day must be created by them. Additionally, they concentrate on enhancing and increasing the effectiveness of the current items.
  • Drafters: A drafter’s job is to use software and computer tools to translate designs into technical drawings.
  • Automotive Engineers: Either historical cars or current cars are designed by an automotive engineer. They address or resolve engineering problems.

Employment Opportunities for Automotive Designers

One of the industries with the greatest rate of growth is the automobile sector. It continuously offers job possibilities to job seekers. Look into the possibilities listed below.

  • Architectural firms
  • Production firms
  • IT firms
  • Automobile firms
  • Graphic Designing firms

Top Recruiting Companies for Automotive Designers

There are numerous hiring firms for automobile designers all across the world. Browse the list of top hiring agencies below.

  • CRPL
  • Year Later
  • Strictly Electric
  • ABC Consultants
  • Black Turtle
  • MorganTEC
  • GoMechanic
  • Cadcrowd
  • PeopleStrong

Top Institutes Around the World

With its value growing day-by-day various renowned universities and college have started to deliver creative and exciting programs for students to build a career in Automotive Design. Below listed are some of the leading institutes in this field:

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What minimum qualification should I possess to be an Automotive Designer?

To be an automobile designer, one needs at the very least to hold an undergraduate degree in the field. Some institutions also offer postgraduate programmes that might open up more career options and provide aspirants substantial compensation.

What are some advantages of being an Automotive Designer?

The biggest benefit an automobile designer has is the freedom to explore and fully express his creative abilities. After a few years of employment, the position also gives respectable pay.

A passion for designing automobiles along with a course in Automotive Design can land you into your dream job. You can also reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu, who can help you in choosing the right university that goes well with your course of interest.

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