JPEG Full Form

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jpeg full form

JPEG Full Form is Joint Photographic Expert Group. JPEG is a simple-to-use photographic image format that was developed and produced by digital photography. JPEG (full form Joint Photographic Expert Group ) International Electrotechnical Commission was established by the International Organisation for Standardisation and the IEC.

It is the accepted method for processing graphic images in the industry. It is most frequently applied to files with the.jpg or.jpeg extension. The digital image is compressed using it. Since some information is lost during compression, it is a lossy compression technique. If any data is lost, the size can be decreased by up to 5%.

Characteristics of JPEG

  • The Joint Photographic Experts Group created PEG.
  • It can be transformed into numerous formats.
  • The JPEG format extensions that are most frequently used are JPE, jpeg, jpg, JFIF, and JIF.
  • JPEG converts an image into a byte stream that can later be decompressed to restore the original image. The codec that is used to compress an image into byte streams and subsequently decompress it back into a picture is described in JPG standards.
  • The aspect ratio, resolution, or image content have no bearing on the data format.
  • There are 29 different coding schemes in the JPEG System.
  • The ISO 10918 standard specifies the JPEG file format.

Benefits of JPEG

  • The PEG file format has been around longer and is far more capable of transmission.
  • Most image management tools are compatible with JPEG file formats.
  • JPEG file types work with almost every piece of gear, including printers. Printing digital images in JPEG format is therefore quick, simple, and clear.
  • A wide variety of clear-sighted picture colours, as well as different colour and contrast combinations, are appropriate for JPEG file formats.

Difference Between JPG and JPEG

JPEG and JPG have nearly identical meanings. In reality, there is no distinction between the JPG and JPEG formats. However, the number of characters utilised is the only distinction between them. Because file names required a three-letter extension in earlier versions of Windows, JPEG was abbreviated to JPG. However, more characters are now accepted in file extensions in subsequent versions of Windows. However, the majority of individuals adopted the.jpg extension, which is still the most used extension.


The widely used image format JPEG is discussed in this blog. In this blog, various JPEG characteristics have been concluded. This article has also reached conclusions regarding other standards upon which the JPEG standard has been formed. This concludes the discussion of compression technology utilised in this standard. 

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