What is the Full Form of IMEI?

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IMEI full form

IMEI full form is International Mobile Equipment Identity. The IMEI number is a unique set of 15-17 digits used to identify Global Mobile Communications System (GSM) phones. The SIM card from any telecommunications carrier links to the user and may be transferred from one phone to another, making it an indispensable tool for keeping hardware knowledge. The IMEI, a code or number used over such a mobile network, identifies a certain cell phone. It is usually inscribed on the back of a mobile battery.

Some Features of IMEI

  • Anyone can find out their IMEI mobile number by dialling * # 06 #.
  • The model name, system serial number, and source information are all indicated by the IMEI code.
  • For example, if the IMEI number is XX-YYYYYY-ZZZZZZ-A / BB, the XX number defines the mobile phone model and brand and reveals the identity of the reporting body, which is a TAC member.
  • The Type Allocation Code (TAC) also contains the YYYYYY, ZZZZZZ, and the remaining digits denote the software version number.
  • If a smartphone is misplaced, the IMEI code is used to locate it. As a result, if a user’s phone is stolen or lost, he can offer his IMEI number to a mobile network operator and request that the device be disabled.

Uses of IMEI

Here are some uses of IMEI (full-form International Mobile Equipment Identity):

  • Individuals who purchase used phones can search for the IMEI number to ensure the phone is still functional. 
  • Checking the number can also provide users with information such as the country and network from where a device originated, the warranty, carrier information, and other similar information. 
  • Both law enforcement and intelligence agencies might use an IMEI number to trace devices to within a few metres. 
  • The IMEI number can be used by the service provider to construct a blacklist of stolen devices. 
  • If a user reports a stolen phone, the service provider can put the phone number on the blacklist and ban it from using their network. 

In the United Kingdom, mobile networks maintain a voluntary charter that helps ensure that any operator’s blacklisting of a device is informed to the CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) and subsequently to all other networks within 48 hours.

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