Happy Holi 2024: 15 Facts on Colour

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Facts on colours

Our world is full of enchanting colors from the deep dark blues of the ocean to the prettiest pink hues of fresh tulips. They make our environment lively and make us wonder about the amazing powers of Mother Nature. Can you believe that there is more to colours and how they affect our moods and lives? Take, for instance, the fact that wearing neutral colours to your first date or job interview can dull your appearance. On the other hand, bright colours make you pop in a room full of people. Intrigued? Here are other fascinating facts on colour. 

Fun Facts About Colours 

1. The human eye can see about 10 million types of colours. 

2. Red and yellow colours are believed to stimulate hunger while blue suppresses it. 

3. Babies develop the ability to see colours in about 5 months. Red is the first colour a baby sees.

4. White is considered the safest colour in cars since it is more easily visible in the dark on roads.

Facts on Color

5. Pink is believed to curb anger and thus is widely used in prisons to calm inmates and aid in anger management. 

6. The Indian yellow colour, known for its luminosity, was made using cow urine. It was also widely used by European painters during the 18th and 19th centuries. 

7. Yellow can cause nausea and vomiting for the spectator. It is highly avoided in aeroplanes. 

8. Vantablack, a newly discovered black colour, is so dark that it appears to be a black hole. 

Facts on Color

9. Studies also showed that blue is the most favourite colour across the world followed by purple. 

10. Somewhere around 1665, Isaac Newton used a prism to turn a white ray of light into a rainbow and identified seven different types of colours. 

11. Wearing black clothes can make you appear bold, confident, and powerful. 

12. Wearing bright colours can help you make a good and memorable impression at first sight. 

13. Chromophoibia or chromatophobia is an intense fear of colors that severely impacts the day-to-day activities of affected individuals. 

Facts on Color

14. Synaesthesia is a rare sensory condition that can make people see numbers and letters as different colours. 

15. Women can see more shades of red. This is because they have two X chromosomes which contain the gene responsible for letting us see the color red.

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