15 Unknown Facts About a Women’s Body!

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Facts About women’s body

When we look at our body and what it is capable of, the only thing that comes to mind is that nature is truly wonder. Take, for example, a woman’s body. It bleeds every month for five continuous days during the monthly mensuration cycle, and births a human by nurturing it inside for nine months. She does this and more all while supporting her entire family. While you take a moment to ponder upon this information, here are 15 more weird yet true facts about women’s body.

Rarely Heard Facts About the Female Body

1. Women have a stronger immune system than men.

2. They have better memory or memory skills than their male counterparts. 

3. Studies show that women can exercise 75% longer than men.

4. Women have the upper hand when it comes to muscle endurance. 

5. They are more likely to survive a traumatic injury due to their strong immune systems. 

Facts About Women's Body

6. During pregnancy, the size of a woman’s uterus grows from the size of an orange to that of a watermelon in just 9 months. 

7. Women are more flexible as their muscles and tendons contain more elastin than men. Moreover, their lower spine has evolved to support and aid during childbirth.

8. The uterus of a woman can expand up to 50 cm during pregnancy. 

9. Oxytocin released during stress combines with estrogen and makes women calm during such situations. On the other hand, men become hyper in similar situations.

Facts About Women's Body

10. Women are born with a million eggs which suffice their entire lifetime. 

11. Generally, women lose about 1 1/2 short glasses of blood during mensuration.  

12. While pain is subjective, it is widely known that women have a better tolerance than men. 

13. Women are more likely to suffer headaches than men due to stress, hormonal imbalance, and other factors. 

Facts About Women's Body

14. Women are better at detecting and remembering scents. 

15. The average age for experiencing menopause is 52 years. 

Hope you had fun reading these fun facts about women’s body. If you want to read more such interesting facts, then you can also visit our blog psychology facts about men.

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