What is the Full Form of LKG?

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LKG Full Form

The full form of LKG is Lower Kinder Garten. One of the first years of students’ lives is lower kindergarten. It is regarded as the very beginning of the child’s development because it marks the point at which the child begins formal schooling and learning. The types of abilities kids pick up and the developmental stages they go through stay with them for years to come. 

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Importance of Lower Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a German word that literally means “garden for children”. Lower Kindergarten starts at a tender age when they are most curious about their surroundings. LKG lasts for one year, during which time the kids spend three to four hours each day participating in a range of activities. They are taught alphabets, phonic sounds, numbers, shapes, and colors at this stage, to name a few. The majority of what children learn comes from their environment, thus by presenting such ideas, LKG lays the groundwork for their future education. 

Cognitive development begins at birth and lasts until age five. Children acquire a variety of abilities throughout these years and provide the groundwork for all the ideas linked to vocabulary, pre-reading, and numeracy. These kinds of ideas are simple to teach toddlers because their minds are constantly developing. Attending LKG is good for kids’ intellectual development as well as their social and emotional growth. 

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Activities in Lower Kindergarten

Children participate in a variety of lessons, learning, and recreational activities. The fundamental sessions of writing, playing, coloring, singing, and music are included among other activities. Focus is also placed on matters like table etiquette and exercises that promote motor development. 

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