Lord Minto I: Governor General of India

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Lord Minto, also known as Gilbert Elliot, was a Viceroy of India from year 1905 to 1910. He was also the first earl of Minto. He was a British politician and diplomat who served in the House of Commons from the year 1776 to 1795. In this blog, we will learn more about Lord Minto I and the significant events that took place under his rule. Read in to find out more!

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Who was Lord Minto I? Life and History

Minto I or the first earl of Minto did his education in a private school, at the Pension Military in Fontainebleau at first, then at Edinburgh, and then at Christ Church, Oxford. He was then called to the Bar in 1774 at Lincoln’s Inn. He also served in the parliament from the year 1776 to 1784 and then later again from the year 1786 to 1790.

He was made the President of the Board of Control in the year 1806 and was appointed Governor-General of India in the year 1807. He held the position of Governor General till October 1813. His tenure overlapped with the time when the Napoleonic wars in Europe were at its height. According to him “events in Europe forbade any diversion of strength for a forward move in India; events in India forbade any backward move.”

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What were the Significant Events Under Lord Minto I?

Following were the significant things Lord Minto I carried out in his tenure:

  • He signed the Treaty of Amritsar with the ruler of the Punjab, Ranjit Singh, in the year 1809. 
  • He thus averted a major war in India as he stopped Pindari bandit leader Amir Khan. 
  • The Sutlej River was acknowledged as the boundary between the state of Sikhs in Punjab and the British Indian territories due to the treaty. 
  • He also negotiated for the Franco-Russian threat that posed against India in the year 1810.
  • He also conquered the French islands of Bourbon in that year.
  • Apart from this, the Dutch East Indies possessions of Napoleon like Amboina and the Spice Islands were also captured by him. Along with this Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and then the island of Java were also conquered in the year 1811. 

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