The Cabinet Mission Came To India In The Year___?

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when did the Cabinet Mission came to India

If you are interested in knowing more about the Cabinet Mission Date, then you have come to the right place. The Cabinet Mission Date holds great significance in the chapters of the history of India as it marked a crucial step towards independence. The plan provided a framework for the future constitution of India and paved the way for the creation of the Indian Republic. It also helped in determining the structure of independent India’s government. This article answers when the cabinet mission came to India.

What was the Cabinet Mission Date?

The Cabinet Mission was sent by the British government to India to discuss and resolve the constitutional issues facing the country.

  • The Cabinet Mission came to India on 24th March 1946. They were sent by Clement Atlee on behalf of the British government.
  • The Cabinet Mission Date refers to the date when the historic Cabinet Mission Plan was announced in India. This statement was announced after nearly two months on May 16, 1946. 
  • The statement was made by the delegations of Cabinet Mission and Lord Wavell, the Viceroy.
  • The primary objective of the mission was to discuss and finalize the framework for India’s future constitutional arrangement.
  • The mission consisted of three members: Lord Pethick-Lawrence, Sir Stafford Cripps, and A.V. Alexander.
  • The Cabinet Mission proposed a plan for a united India with autonomy for the provinces.

The mission aimed to find a constitutional solution that would satisfy the demands of both the Indian National Congress and the All-India Muslim League. The plan put forward by the Cabinet Mission outlined a federal system for India, with a strong centre and autonomous provinces. 

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Both the Muslim League and Congress Party initially accepted the Plan. However, Congress withdrew its support soon after because it opposed the grouping of provinces on religious grounds. Despite the Cabinet Mission’s attempts at reconciliation, the Muslim League was unwilling to make any changes to the Plan, leading to a breakdown in consensus.

Despite these challenges, the Constituent Assembly began its proceedings, and an interim government led by Jawaharlal Nehru was established. Unfortunately, the Muslim League refused to participate and instead initiated ‘Direct Action Day’, which resulted in violence throughout the country.

Cabinet Mission Date
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