What is the Full Form of USFDA? 

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The full form of USFDA is the United States Food and Drug Administration. USFDA, also known as FDA (Food and Drug Administration), is a Federal agency of the US Health and Human Services Department. In simple words, it regulates Food and Drug items in the USA. Moreover, the FDA headquarters is in Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties in Maryland.

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About FDA

In June 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt signed the popular Wiley Act, also known as the Food and Drug Act. It banned unlawful marketing of drugs that did not specify the standard of quality and strength on the label. Furthermore, this act also banned misbranding of drugs.  

Interestingly, amendments were made in 1912 that added false and fraudulent claims of curative or therapeutic effect to the 1906 Act. In 1927, the regulatory powers of the Bureau of Chemistry were reorganized under a new USDA body which was later shortened to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  

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Functions of USFDA

Here are some of the most crucial functions of USFDA

  • The USFDA regulates food safety, tobacco products, dietary supplements, OCT drugs, and other items to protect and promote public health.
  • This agency enforces different laws and regulations.
  • The USFDA protects the public from unnecessary exposure to hazardous radiation from electronic products. 
  • It sets standards for quality production, labeling, and handling of food products to prevent illness.  
  • The USFDA regulates the testing and distribution of blood products as well as the collection of blood. 
  • This agency regulates the ingredients and labeling of products to ensure that they are safe for their intended use. 
  • It monitors and regulates new medical devices, the safety of drugs, their quality, and manufacturing.

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