What is the Full Form of TRAI? 

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TRAI full form

The full form of TRAI is Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. TRAI was established under Section 3 of the TRAI Act 1997 by the Government of India. TRAI is responsible for regulating tariffs and rates of telecom services. Headquartered in New Delhi, TRAI is located at Mahanagar Doorsanchar Bhawan Jawaharlal Nehru Marg. 

Organisational Structure of TRAI 

  • In addition to the chairman, there will be at minimum two full-time members and a maximum of two part-time members all of which are appointed by the Central Government. 
  • The members of TRAI should be proficient in areas related to the telecom industry, finance, accountancy, management, consumer affairs and law.
  • Only senior or retired government officials who have held the position of secretary or additional secretary to the Union or State Governments for at least three years are eligible to be appointed as members.

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TRAI Departments 

To ensure the smooth functioning of TRAI, the organisation is divided into 9 departments. Mentioned below is the list of various TRAI departments:

  • Administration and personnel division
  • Financial analysis and internal finance and accounts division
  • Quality of Service division
  • Converged network division
  • Mobile network division
  • Broadcast and cable service division
  • Fixed network division
  • Economic division
  • Legal division

Roles and Responsibilities of TRAI 

  • TRAI works as an advisor to the government for matters related to the telecom industry.
  • It regulates the fees and charges for the services and makes sure that there is compliance with universal services obligations. 
  • When it comes to providing a license to the service provider, TRAI recommends the timing of the new service providers and terms and conditions. 
  • It maintains records for incorrect agreements and keeps them open for review and settles disputes among service providers.
  • TRAI safeguards the interests of consumers, keeps an eye on service quality, checks the network equipment, and offers advice on it.
  • To encourage the expansion of telecom services by facilitating competition and fostering operational efficiency.

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