Maharana Pratap: Life, Battles & More

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Maharana Pratap

Indian history is replete with countless examples of undaunted heroism, courage, ethics, indomitable fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude. The life of Maharana Pratap is an inspiration for today’s youth. There are countless life lessons to learn from the story of the celebrated Rajput king who is esteemed for his epic battles. In the given blog below, we will decode the life of Maharana Pratap and share with you the numerous reasons why he is one of the most celebrated heroes of Indian history.

Maharana Pratap Life Overview  (1540- 1597)
Real NamePratap Singh I
Birth9 May, 1540
Place of BirthKumbhalgarh, Rajasthan
Fathers NameRana Uday Singh Ji
Mothers NameJaiwanta Bai
DynastySisodiya Dynasty
WifeMaharani Ajabde
Coronation1 March 1572
Death19 January 1597
Place of DeathChavand
SuccessorAmar Singh I

Who was Maharana Pratap?

Maharana Pratap was born into a Mewar Rajput family and was a Rajput king who was popularly known as “Mewari Rana”. 

  • He was the epitome of courage and sheer perseverance and is esteemed for his military resistance towards the expansion of the Mughal empire in India. 
  • Shakti Singh, Vikram Singh, and Jagmal Singh were his younger brothers. 
  • Chand Kanwar and Man Kanwar were his stepsisters and he was married to Ajabde Punwar of Bijolia.

Rani Dheer Bai wanted her son Jagmal to succeed Udai Singh after his death in 1572, but senior courtiers preferred Pratap, the eldest son, to be their king. The nobles’ desire triumphed. When Udai Singh died in 1572, Prince Pratap ascended to the throne as Maharana Pratap, the 54th ruler of Mewar and the rest you all know is history.

Battles Fought By Maharana Pratap

In some of the most epic and greatest battles, the most powerful weapons are bravery and strong intellect instead of swords, ammunition etc. Some of the most epic and renowned battles fought by Maharana Pratap are as follows-

The Battle of Haldighati 

The battle was fought on 18th June in 1576 between Akbar’s forces and the great Rajput warrior Maharana Pratap’s forces.

When he ascended the throne, Akbar tried diplomatically to convince Maharana Pratap to become a vassal of the Mughal Empire. But he was resolute in his purpose that he wouldn’t allow Akbar. This propelled Mughal Emperor Akbar to wage a war against Maharana Pratap and his army.

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Maharana Pratap and his army left no stone unturned to protect their motherland and they were a quintessential example of indomitable willpower, undaunted courage and heroism, but unfortunately, Akbar’s army overpowered him. The real hero of Maharana Pratap’s force was his brave and loyal horse, Chetak, who helped him escape safely amidst the battle and many poems have been penned to commemorate and honour the undaunted courage of Chetak.

The Battle of Haldighati was deemed as a glorious defeat for the Rajputs and, technically, the Mughals emerged triumphantly. Crucial areas of Mewar such as Goganda, Udaipur and Kumbhalgarh were captured by them.

Battle of Dewair 

Post the battle of Haldighati, the battle of Dewair took place on the occasion of Dussehra with the sole motive of making Mewar independent again and this time Maharana Pratap used a Guerilla Warfare strategy to fight the battle of Dewair.

He and his army emerged victorious this time as their relentless determination and perseverance resulted in the closure of 36 check posts in Mewar and approximately 36000 soldiers surrendered. Maharana Pratap was able to capture most of the portion of Mewar back except Chittor, Ajmer and Mandalgarh.

The unsung hero of the epic battle of Dewair was Bhama Shah, who was one of the most trusted men of Maharana Pratap. He had given all his savings and accumulated wealth to Maharana Pratap to help him build and upgrade his army. Because of his heroic and noble deed, Bhamashah was deemed as the saviour of Mewar.

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5 Reasons Why Maharana Pratap is Famous in Indian History

There are countless reasons behind the fame and legacy of the revered Rajput king Maharana Pratap and given below, the most crucial reasons behind his fame are elucidated-

  • He is regarded as one of India’s most powerful warriors. Standing 7 feet 5 inches tall, he would carry an 80-kilogram spear and two swords weighing a total of 208 kilogrammes, this speaks volumes louder about his physical and mental strength and endurance.
  • Pratap rebuilt his capital in Chavand, about 60 kilometres south of Udaipur, and lived there for the rest of his life. He is widely regarded as India’s first native freedom fighter due to his fight for independence against the Mughals.
  • Maharana Pratap was the only Rajput king in his clan who did not surrender to Akbar and is esteemed for upholding his motherland’s honour irrespective of the difficulties and adversities faced.
  • His horse, Chetak, was always loyal towards him and he is best known for his jump over a twenty-five-foot deep trough in order to save the life of his master and this speaks volumes louder about his bravery and loyalty.
  • He was given the title of “Leonidas of Rajasthan” by Col. Tod of Britain.

Lessons to Learn from Maharana Pratap

Whenever we hear or read about Maharana Pratap, the first thing that dawns upon our minds is courage and integrity. Maharana Pratap’s life is replete with countless life lessons for today’s generation and the lessons elucidated below, needless to say, will help youth to dream big and become something in their life-

  • An attitude of gratitude: Having an attitude of gratitude instils a sense of optimism and creates an urge in us to do something for our motherland. He served his motherland till his last breath and left no stone unturned in upholding the pride and honour of his motherland Mewar.
  • Dream Big: Rather than being concerned about setting aggressive goals out of fear of failure, our vision should be limitless in order to bring out the best in us and fulfil our big dreams. Success and glory lie in leaving our comfort zone.
  • Rectitude: He was always renowned for being ethical and righteous. The decision to not surrender to Akbar may not have been rational considering his might and army size, but Maharana Pratap knew well beforehand that morals and ethics lay the foundation of a satisfactory and fulfilling life.
  • Enthusiasm: Even after being severely wounded in the battle of Haldigathi, he didn’t let the wounds hamper his self-confidence and his wounds strengthened his vows to fight for the independence of Mewar and he ensured high morale of his soldiers.

Legacy of Maharana Pratap

His life continues to inspire us even today and to commemorate his everlasting impact on youth and his battle victories, a show called “Bharat ka veer putra Maharana Pratap” was aired on Sony India from 2013 to 2015 which chronicled his life from his teenage years to his last breath.

The show was a big hit on television and fuelled inspiration in the viewers to be courageous and confident in their pursuit of dreams.

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