What is the Full Form of IFTU?

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The full form of IFTU is the “International Federation of Trade Unions.” A trade union is an organized association of workers, formed to safeguard and advocate for their rights and interests in the workplace. The International Federation of Trade Unions, as the name suggests, extends its reach beyond national borders, working towards the betterment of workers on a global scale.

History of IFTU

The roots of IFTU can be traced back to the late 19th century when the labour movement gained momentum. As industries grew and labour conditions became a matter of concern, trade unions began to emerge as a means to negotiate fair wages, working hours, and improved working conditions. Over time, these unions realized the need for international cooperation, leading to the establishment of IFTU.

Objective of IFTU

The primary objective of IFTU is to promote the rights and interests of workers across the world. It aims to ensure that workers are treated fairly, irrespective of their geographical location. IFTU collaborates with trade unions from different countries to share best practices, advocate for labour rights, and address global labour-related challenges such as workplace safety, fair wages, and anti-discrimination measures.

Significance of IFTU

IFTU plays a crucial role in influencing international policies related to labour and workers’ rights. By fostering solidarity among trade unions worldwide, it contributes to the creation of a unified voice that advocates for equitable treatment of workers. Additionally, IFTU’s efforts have led to the establishment of international labour standards that guide countries in ensuring decent working conditions and fair treatment for their workforce.

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