What is the Full Form of SSLC?

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Full Form of SSLC
Full Form of SSLC

The full form of SSLC is Secondary School Leaving Certificate. In India, many titles are given to the same certificate that is awarded at the completion of senior secondary education. It may be known as the Matriculation Certificate, Higher Secondary School Certificate, or SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate), depending on the location. They are essentially the same. 

The SSLC is very important. It is necessary for continuing your education, advancing to class 11, and obtaining a driver’s license. Additionally, it is necessary when applying for other identification documents like a PAN card. After completing secondary school, pupils receive this credential from all of India’s main educational boards.

Full Form of SSLC: Issuing Process

The management of the school issuing the SSLC. The educational board with which the school is associated issues it. Indian schooling is mostly focused on three levels: elementary, secondary, and high school. The board courses are another name for grades 10 through 12. The board examinations that serve as these classes’ final exams are of utmost significance to the student’s academic career. These tests are a significant milestone in the life of the student and aid in choosing their future professional choice. All of India’s main boards, save the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), give the SLCC certificate. 

Format of SSLC

Below mentioned is the format of SSLC:

  • On top of the Senior School Leaving Certificate, underneath the name of the educational board, is written the applicant’s name.
  • At the side of the applicant’s name is printed their roll number.
  • The applicant’s name is placed below the names of their parents.
  • In SSLC, the name of the parents is followed by the name of the school or institution.
  • A table with the applicant’s exam results in the topics they selected is next presented.
  • The table in the bottom left corner lists the definitions of several acronyms, and the outcome (pass/fail) is listed beside the definitions.
  • At the bottom left of the page, the date and city are written.

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