What is the Full Form of CPIM?

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What is the Full Form of CPIM?
What is the Full Form of CPIM?

The full form of CPIM is the Communist Party of India (Marxist), representing the organisation’s full title. Established in 1964, CPIM is a leftist political group within India. 

It traces its roots back to the Communist Party of India, formed during the 1920s. Built upon Marxist-Leninist principles, the party is committed to the establishment of a socialist Indian society.

About CPIM

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) holds a noteworthy position within India’s political sphere, upholding the ideals of Marxist-Leninist ideology. Formed in 1964 as a response to the Communist Party of India’s (CPI) alignment with the Indian National Congress and its strategies, the CPI(M) wields considerable influence in states like West Bengal, Kerala, and Tripura. It has been a significant factor in Indian politics since its inception.  

The core objective of the party is to establish a socialist society in India, a goal pursued through policy actions that foster parity in social and economic domains, eradicate exploitative systems and elevate the working class. The CPI(M) champions peaceful resistance and strives to fortify the nation’s democratic parliamentary framework.

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Objectives of CPIM 

Take a look at some key aims pursued by CPIM:  

  • The primary objective of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) involves crafting a socialist society in India through policy implementations that advance equality in societal and economic aspects, eradicate the practices of exploitation and subjugation, and empower the labouring class. 
  • CPIM holds the belief that socialism represents the sole system capable of ensuring the welfare and prosperity of all sections of society, along with safeguarding fundamental human rights and necessities like nourishment, housing, education, healthcare, and employment.  
  • With this goal in mind, CPIM aims to rally the masses through political and social confrontations and establish a wide-reaching democratic movement with the capacity to challenge and transform the existing social and economic framework.  
  • Furthermore, the party seeks to foster alliances with other progressive entities and cultivate global solidarity with socialist and progressive movements across the globe.
  • The CPIM upholds the value of nonviolent opposition and strives to enhance the robustness of the nation’s parliamentary democracy. 
  • The party holds the view that achieving socialist change is achievable through peaceful and democratic approaches while considering violence and methods lacking in democracy as detrimental to the aspiration for socialism.

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