What is the full form of MAIT?

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The full form of MAIT is Manufacturers Association Information Technology (MAIT). MAIT was founded in 1982 with the goal of advancing science, education, and the IT sector. Since then, it has grown to be a powerful, important, and dynamic organisation. MAIT’s mission is to create a globally competitive Indian IT industry, promote IT usage in India, strengthen the role of IT in national economic development, promote business through international alliances, promote quality consciousness in the IT industry, and transform the Indian IT Industry into a World Scale Industry leading to a World Class. 

Key Points of MAIT 

Here are some of the MAIT’s key activities: 

  • Policy advocacy and engagement with the government
  • Industry development initiatives
  • Knowledge sharing and capacity building
  • Trade promotion and market access
  • Standardization and testing
  • Environment, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives
  • MAIT is a recognized industry body by the Government of India and has been instrumental in the growth of the EH sector in India. It has played a key role in policy formulation, industry development, and market access for Indian EH companies.

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To be the leading industry body for the growth and development of the Electronic System Hardware Design & Manufacturing (ESDM) sector in India.


  • To advocate for policies that are conducive to the growth of the ESDM sector
  • To develop and implement programs that promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the ESDM sector
  • To provide a platform for knowledge sharing and networking among ESDM stakeholders
  • To represent the interests of the ESDM sector to the government and other stakeholders

MAIT Achievements  

Here are some of the key achievements of MAIT:

  • Securing the approval of the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme for the EH sector
  • Setting up of the National ESDM Testing and Certification Centre (NTEC)
  • Launch of the India Electronics Manufacturing Cluster (IEMC) program
  • Organizing the India Electronics Week (IEWeek)
  • Conducting the India Electronics Manufacturing Survey (IEMS)

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