Kathak Dance Is From Which State?

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Did you know Kathak dance is from which state? Let’s learn about the state to which Kathak belongs. Kathak is the folk dance of Uttar Pradesh. It is believed that Kathak, a well-known ancient Indian classical dance, originated with the itinerant storytellers known as Kathakars in North India. Similar to early Greek theatre, these Kathakars journeyed and told stories using music, dance, and songs.

During the Bhakti movement, a type of spiritual devotion that emerged in mediaeval Hinduism, the group was created. The Kathakars narrate stories with rhythmic hand gestures, facial expressions, eye movements, and foot actions. In the courts of North Indian countries, this performing style, which interweaves mythology from ancient folklore with exquisite Indian tales, especially those concerning the life of Lord Krishna, became well-known. Three different subgenres of this genre—the Jaipur Gharana, the Benaras Gharana, and the Lucknow Gharana—differ in that they often emphasise footwork rather than acting and are more well-known.

History and Evolution

Now that you know a little about Kathak dance origin state, let us look at how the Kathak’s origins can be traced to Bharata Muni’s ancient Sanskrit treatise Natya Shastra.


A Kathak dance consists of three main parts:

  • Invocation: the act of the artist addressing his or her guru and god with a prayer or greeting. Hindu performances typically involve the use of mudras, or hand motions. The artist offers a “salami” on Muslim holidays.
  • Nritta: the artist’s representation of pure dancing. He or she begins by moving their wrists, brows, and neck slowly and gracefully. Then, ‘bols’-compliant fast sequences ensue. A bol is a brief rhythmic pattern sequence. Here, the artist also exhibits lively footwork.
  • Nritya: In this piece, the artist uses slow, deliberate movements, facial expressions, and vocal and instrumental music to convey a narrative or theme.

Given that Kathak is popular among both Hindus and Muslims, the clothing for this moving picture is fashioned in accordance with the traditions of each community.

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Instruments and Music

Depending mainly on the impact and depth required for a certain performance, twelve classical instruments may be employed in a Kathak performance. But other instruments are frequently employed in a Kathak performance, such as the tabla, which aligns well with the performer’s musical footwork and frequently mimics the sound of such footwork modifications, or the other way around to produce a lovely jugalbandi. Along with the manjira, hand cymbals, sarangi, or harmonium are frequently employed.

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#1. Kathak Dance Is From Which State?

#2. Which among the following is not among the components of Kathak?

#3. How many instruments are used in Kathak?


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