What is the full form of EGOM?

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The full form of Empowered Group of Ministers. The Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) is a Group of Ministers (GoM) of the Union Government who, after being appointed by the Cabinet, a Cabinet Committee or the Prime Minister for investigating and reporting on such matters as may be specified, are also authorised(empowered) by the appointing authority to take decisions in such matters after investigation. Read to know more about the full form of EGOM.

How many Empowered groups of Ministers are there in India?

The government abolishes all GoMs and EGoMs for greater accountability and empowerment. In a major move to empower the Ministries and Departments, the Prime Minister today decided to abolish all the existing nine Empowered Groups of Ministers (EGoMs) and twenty-one Groups of Ministers  (GoMs). 

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Purpose of EGoMs

The main reason for setting up EGoMs is to expedite the decision-making process.

  • It is essential for coordinating and enhancing the activities of the State/Union Territory Governments, stimulating private investment, bolstering advertising and marketing initiatives, and supplying educated human resources.
  • In India, the term “Empowered Group of Ministers” (EGoM) refers to a group of ministers chosen by the Prime Minister to make decisions regarding particular policy matters that need immediate attention but fall outside the purview of normal ministry operations. 
  • The EGoMs are formed on an as-needed basis and have the authority to make and carry out decisions.

Key Features of EGoM?

  • They were established to deal with certain problems that demand the highest levels of government involvement.
  • A senior Cabinet Minister or the Prime Minister himself serves as their leader.
  • They have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Cabinet.
  • They are only established when immediate and firm action on policy issues is required.
  • The ministries and agencies involved must abide by the decisions made by EGoMs.
  • EGoMs can also ask experts and other participants for their opinions and suggestions on particular problems.

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