What is the Full Form of EC?

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EC Full Form of “Encumbrance certificate”. An EC is a document that certifies the property is free of any financial or legal tax obligations, such as a mortgage or unpaid debt. This document is typically needed to indicate that the property is without any legal liabilities or debts when purchasing or selling a property or submitting an application for a home loan secured by a property.

A buyer of real estate should always obtain an EC to be eligible for loans from the majority of financial institutions, including banks, and to ensure his legal possession of the property. A customer should be aware of the encumbrance certificate while shopping to purchase a home or piece of property. Additionally, after gathering all the required paperwork for the final purchase, the user should ensure he has an Encumbrance Certificate for the specific property.

Importance of EC

Customers should always look for an encumbrance certificate before to buying a house or other property that demands a sizable financial commitment and could transfer to them along with the property owner. This document provides the buyer with peace of mind regarding the obligations or loans on the property.

Customers must obtain the document since it is used to protect the property’s legal identity and to confirm that the buyer is eligible for the loan when a loan against a house loan application is made.

Offline Application Procedure for Encumbrance Certificate

If the EC is not accepted online, the applicant goes to the sub-registrar’s office. Therefore, a formal application should be prepared using Form No. 22’s full details. The applicant should always include a small payment to receive the EC with their application.

Online Application Procedure for Encumbrance Certificate

Each state has its own set of procedures for applying for EC. To apply online, follow these steps:

  • The user or applicant should go to the official land registration website of the relevant state and select “Register for EC.”
  • Click on save/update after entering all the information needed for the Encumbrance Certificates window application.
  • Click “Calculate Fee” after entering the time frame for the user’s need for the EC.
  • The user will be taken to the Acknowledgment website, where they can download the Acknowledgement form, after paying the application fees.
  • An inspector will examine the land records over some time
  • An EC containing all of the transactions that took place during that time will be issued following the inspection’s conclusion. If there are no recorded transactions, a Nil EC will likewise be awarded.

Documents Required for an EC

The list of all events that happened during a given period and were connected to the property is contained in an EC for that time period. This Certificate is typically issued for up to 30 years.

Users that require an EC for a defined time period will only receive the information necessary for that time range and no longer. And the sub-registrar’s office can provide all the necessary EC details.

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