What is the Full Form of IEX?

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IEX full form

The full form of IEX stands for Indian Energy Exchange. IEX offers a national automated trading platform for the actual supply of power, renewable energy, and certifications. In an effort to develop a fully integrated South Asian Power Market, IEX has more recently led the way in cross-border electricity exchange. Modern, user-friendly, and customer-focused technology powers IEX, enabling effective price discovery and enhancing the simplicity of power purchase.

Overview of IEX

With 7,300+ participants spread across 29 States and 5 Union Territories, including 1,800+ RE generators and obligated entities, 600+ conventional generators, and 55+ distribution utilities, IEX has a strong ecosystem. Additionally, it has a sizable network of 4600+ commercial and industrial clients, including those from the metal, food processing, textile, cement, ceramic, chemical, automotive, information technology, institutional, residential, and commercial real estate sectors.

IEX has been in operation since June 27, 2008, and the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission has approved and regulated it. As of October 2017, IEX is a publicly traded corporation with the NSE and BSE.

IEX Markets

IEX provides a variety of appealing options for trading:

Electricity Market

  • Day Ahead Market
  • Term Ahead Market (contracts up to 3 months)
  • Real-Time Market
  • Cross-Border Electricity Trade

Green Market

  • Green Term Ahead Market
  • Green Day-Ahead Market

Certificate Market

  • Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Energy Saving Certificates


To be the architect of next-generation solutions for sustainable energy ensuring competitive, transparent and reliable access.


To leverage technology and innovation to establish transparent and efficient energy marketplaces for delivering affordable, reliable energy to consumers.

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