What is the Full Form of DHTML?

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DHTML Full Form

The full form of DHTML is Dynamic Hypertext Markup language, the other way to say it is Dynamic HTML. It is important to learn that it is not one of the computing languages but a describing the art of making dynamic and interactive web pages. It is exclusively designed to enhance and improve the web users’ experience. Along with Javascript, DHTML is one thing that makes a webpage look aesthetically pleasing. Scroll through to learn everything about DHTML. 

Advantages of DHTML

DHTML comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

  1. It is more useful and efficient for content management purposes. 
  2. Visual appeal is made better and faster.
  3. The file size of DHTML is comparatively smaller than other interactive media.
  4. DHTML is supported by both the major browser manufacturers-Microsoft and Netscape. 

Disadvantages of DHTML

DHTML also has some disadvantages as mentioned below:

  1. Other than Netscape and Microsoft, it is not supported by all browsers. 
  2. DHTML is not learned on its own, it requires a knowledge of other languages as well. For instance,  Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), Javascript (JS), etc.  
  3. The implementation of DHTML is different in different browsers. If it is working fine in one, the chances of it not working right in the other browser are high. 
  4. The price of transferring from HTML to DHTML is high making its functionalities and tools expensive. 

Other Full Forms of DHTML

  • DHTML in Academic and Science– Dynamic Hyper Text Makeup Language
  • DHTML in Chemistry– Di-Hydro Tetra-Methyl Lactate
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