How many Spokes are there in Ashoka Chakra?

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How many Spokes in Ashoka Chakra

There are 24 Spokes in the Ashoka Chakra. They are found at the exact centre of the Indian National Flag. The symbol of the Ashoka Chakra is taken from the Lion Capital of Ashoka. Furthermore, the 24 spokes are an intentional and historical design choice rich with symbolism and representing India’s core values. Additionally, there has been an evolution of the Indian Flag after which the current national flag was adopted on the 22nd of July 1947. 

Why the Ashoka Chakra has 24 Spokes?

There are many interpretations of the 24 Spokes of the Ashoka Chakra. One such interpretation is that it represents the Buddhist doctrine of Pratītyasamutpāda. Moreover, the wheel with 24 spokes shows the steps taught by Buddha about why things happen and how they connect. Additionally, it goes through these steps first one way, then the other representing the Dharmachakra, the Wheel of Dharma. Thus, the first 12 steps show how suffering starts and grows and the next 12 steps in reverse show that when there’s no cause, there’s no effect.

Another interpretation perceives the 24 spokes as defining fundamental human qualities. Each spoke is assumed to signify a virtue such as righteousness, courage, knowledge, and peace. Therefore, by including these 24 spokes, the Ashoka Chakra is a reminder to strive for these virtues and live an ethical life.

In addition, some also believe that it symbolises the 24 hours of the day. Moreover, a nation needs to be in constant motion to promote growth and development. 

Thus, the meaning of the 24 spokes in the Ashoka Chakra remains open to interpretation, but their significance is undeniable. They represent movement, progress, and the eternal cycle of life. The spokes also stand for the dynamism and continuous efforts needed for a nation’s progress.

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