20 Fun Facts About Tigers for Kids

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Fun Facts About Tigers

Tigers are considered one of the most ferocious and beautiful animals in the world. They play an important role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem. How? For starters, tigers are apex hunters, meaning that they are at the top of the food chain. They control the population of herbivores like deer by hunting them. Isn’t it so fascinating? Here are some other interesting fun facts about tigers for kids.

Amazing Fun Facts About Tigers

1. Tigers are the largest wild cats in the world

2. There are five main species of tigers including the Bengal tiger, South China tiger, Indochinese tiger, Amur or Siberian tiger, and lastly, the Indochinese tiger.

3. Tigers are carnivorous animals who hunt and survive on the meat of other smaller animals, like buffalo, wild pigs, and antelope.

4. Although tigers have been around for millions of years, human activities have caused a rapid 97% decline in their population.

5. Tigers have soft toe pads which help them walk and hunt silently. 

6. Only one out of every ten hunts of a tiger is successful. 

7. Tigers are chatty beings who communicate with grunts, moans, snarls, roars, and hisss. 

8. Tigers are also good swimmers.

9. You can hear the roar of a tiger from as far as three kilometres away.

10. Tigers can reach up to 65 km/h.

11. They have fake eyes known as ocelli. These are white spots of fur located on the back of each ear which makes other animals feel as if the tiger is watching them. 

12. Tigers like to hunt alone and at night

13. The International Union for Conservation of Nature considers tigers an endangered species

14. Like human fingerprints, each stripe of a tiger is a unique and one-of-a-kind pattern. 

15. During the day, the stripes help tigers camouflage and blend in with the surroundings. 

16. Tigers are identified using their unique strips and counted using camera trap images to estimate population numbers. 

17. The white spots located on the back of a tigress’s ears help communicate with her cubs. 

18. India has over half the world’s total population of tigers. 

19. A deer can provide a tiger with up to one week’s food. 

20. There are more tigers in captivity than there are in the wild. According to estimates, there are about 3,900 tigers in the wild and about 5,000 tigers in captivity each in China and the US.


What are 5 interesting facts about tigers?

5 interesting facts about tigers include tigers are the largest cats in the world, they are carnivorous animals, they are good swimmers, you can hear their roar from kilometres away, and lastly, their stripes are as unique as human fingertips. 

What do tigers do for fun?

Tigers are excellent swimmers and love to take a dip in the water. 

Why are tigers so special?

As the largest member of the cat family, tigers are known for their strength, power, and hunting skills. Moreover, they also have a shiny coat with unique stripes and are essential to maintain the ecosystem balance. 

Hope you had fun reading these interesting fun facts about tigers. If you like reading about facts, you can visit our interesting facts page to read more such blogs.

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