What is the Difference between the Council of Ministers and the Cabinet?

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Difference between Council of Ministers and Cabinet

In India’s Government structure, grasping the difference between Council of Ministers and Cabinet is necessary. The Council of Ministers includes all ministers, both senior and junior, appointed by the President of India. Additionally, it functions as a larger, more inclusive body for discussion and coordination. Contrarily, the Cabinet is a select group of senior ministers chosen by the Prime Minister of India. Furthermore, this smaller, powerful group holds influential portfolios and drives essential decision-making and policy formulation for India. Read on to get to know the tabular difference between Council of Ministers and Cabinet.  

Difference between Council of Ministers and Cabinet

Moreover, here is a detailed difference between both: 

Difference between Council of Ministers and Cabinet
FeatureCouncil of MinistersCabinet
DefinitionThe Council of Ministers consists of all the ministers, including the Prime Minister. Moreover, it includes both Cabinet Ministers and Ministers of State.The Cabinet is a smaller body within the Council of Ministers, consisting of select ministers appointed by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister.
RoleFormulates policies and decisions collectively.Exercises Executive powers and decision-making at the highest level.
CompositionIt comprises Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State with independent charge, Ministers of State, and Deputy Ministers.It includes only Senior Ministers, typically heads of important ministries and departments.
Size60 to 70 Members. 15 to 20 Members. 
Decision MakingDecisions are often made collectively by the entire Council of Ministers.Decisions are made by the Cabinet, which then must be authorised by the Council of Ministers.
Meeting FrequencyRegular meetings are held to discuss policies, Legislation, and administrative matters.Meets more frequently and has a more defined schedule of meetings.
ConfidentialityDiscussions and proceedings are relatively more open and broader.Deliberations are confidential, and decisions are binding on all members.
Decision ImplementationDecisions taken are implemented by respective Ministries and Departments.The decisions made here are binding on the entire Government machinery.
Difference between Council of Ministers and Cabinet

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