Google Certification Courses: Details, Eligibility, Fees, and Career

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Through its own learning platforms and outside suppliers, Google provides a number of both free and paid certification courses. Their objective is to assist individuals in acquiring the skills needed to launch a career in the tech sector. It’s an easy-to-get entry-level certification that can lead to a number of job prospects. If you put in the effort and maintain a regular study schedule, you can earn this credential in six months for less than $300 (INR 24,0000). 

Are you also looking forward to taking Google Certification Courses? If the answer is yes, then this blog will surely help you. Keep on reading further to know more! 

Top Google Certificatification Courses 2023

Taking up courses can really open up doors for many career opportunities and help you get a good job with a lucrative salary. The table below represents some of the Google Certification courses that you can consider taking: 

Certification Provider Cost 
Google Digital Marketing Certification Google Digital Garage Free
Google Shopping Ads Certification Google Skillshop Free
Google Ads Search Certification Google Skillshop Free
Google Analytics Individual Certification Google Skillshop Free
Google Ads Display Certification Google Skillshop Free
Google Data Analytics Certificate Coursera Paid ($39/month) (INR 3,192/month) 
Google IT Support Professional Certificate Coursera Paid ($39/month) (INR 3,192/month) 
Google Project Management Certificate Coursera Paid ($39/month) (INR 3,192/month)
Google UX Design Certificate CourseraPaid ($39/month) (INR 3,192/month)
Google IT automation with Python Certificate CourseraPaid ($39/month) (INR 3,192/month)

Best Free Online Courses with Certificate 

Detailed View of Google Certification Courses

Following are some of the top Google Certification Courses and their detailed view that will help you to know what these courses are all about: 

Google Digital Marketing Certificate Course 

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course on Google is one of the most preferred courses. Many professionals believe that this is among the top courses in digital marketing. 26 modules made by Google trainers are part of the course, which is free. You can take a test to obtain a digital marketing certificate once you’ve finished the lessons. It is the official Google Digital Marketing Certification, and it has been approved by both the Open University and IABE Europe. In this course, you will be able to learn skills like – Online Marketing Strategy, Mobile Marketing, Display Advertising, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing. 

The overall time commitment for this certification course, which is intended for beginners, is 40 hours. You must finish all 26 modules and pass the 40-question Google Garage exam to become certified.

Google Ads Search Certificate Course

The most well-known PPC platform is Google Ads (previously Google Adwords), which also serves as one of Google’s main revenue streams. They developed a number of Google Ads certification courses, which are offered by Google Skillshop for free, to teach marketers how to utilize all of Google Ads’ capabilities. You must obtain a score of 80% or above on a 50-question multiple-choice exam in order to become certified in Google AdWords. Exams can be taken for free through Google Skillshop. After completing this course you will have the following benefits:

  • Skills and knowledge to run search ads campaign 
  • You will be able to become Google Ads Partner

Google Analytics Individual Certification 

Google Analytics usage is a practical skill that all digital marketing specialists should possess.

Obtaining the Google Analytics Certification demonstrates your proficiency with the technology, which is the most widely used website analytics platform. You can master both fundamental and sophisticated Google Analytics topics by signing up for this free Google certification. You’ll be able to use several reports to analyze and decipher how visitors arrive at and engage with a website by the end of the course. The course requires a two-hour commitment in total. You must obtain a passing grade of 80% or above on the 70 multiple-choice questions in the Google Analytics tests in order to become certified.

Google Ads Display Certification 

The Google Ads Display Certification is an additional Google accreditation that merits consideration. It’s a free certification that Google Skillshop is providing. This course will show you how to increase the return on investment from your paid campaigns with Google display advertising, which is excellent for brand awareness and retargeting. The time commitment is roughly two hours. You must pass the Google Ads Display exam with a score of 80% or higher to become certified.

Google Shopping Ads Certification 

The Shopping Ads Certification is something you should strongly consider if you want to get started in the eCommerce industry or if you want to develop the abilities you need to advertise your own products on Google. You will learn how to create, set up, and improve Google Shopping campaigns through the certification program for shopping advertisements. You’ll discover how to upload your product catalog to the Google Merchant Centre so that your goods can be used in a variety of campaigns, such as shopping and retargeting ones, and appear in Google search results.

Best Online Courses for Skill Development 

Are Google Certification Courses Worth Taking?

Taking up a Google certification course can really help you in your professional journey as it aids in getting job-related skills which can open up a lot of career opportunities. These courses are curated by highly skilled Google professionals to aid students in getting ahead in their professional journey by adapting to the current skills that are in demand right now. The quality of the Google certification courses can be gauged by the fact that they are accredited by employers, universities and professional institutions. A candidate can easily get a job in the IT industry after pursuing any of them as per their interest area. Also, some of these courses are free while others are quite affordable therefore, a candidate won’t face any difficulty in terms of money to take these courses.   

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Q.1 Which certificate course is best of Google?

Ans- There are many Google Certification Courses that are very good and can leverage your career by helping you learn important skills. Following are some of the best courses offered by Google-
Google Data Analytics Certificate
Google Project Management Certificate
Google UX Design Certificate
Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate
Google Digital Marketing Certification

Q.2 Does Google give certificates for free courses?

Ans- Google Skillshop offers around 80 courses to students that are free and upon completion, they are given a certificate for it. 

Q.3 Which Google certificate has the highest salary?

Ans- The Google Data Analytics certificate can help you kickstart a career in the lucrative field of data analysis. The entry-level salary of a data analyst is around $67,900 (INR 55.53 Lakh) and after getting more than 10 years of experience one can make around $110,000 (INR 89.96 Lakh) per year. 

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