Asia’s Best B-School – Is CEIBS MBA overhyped?

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What is CEIBS? Is a CEIBS MBA worth it? How in such a short span, it rank #8 in the FT Global MBA Rankings? There are many like you who are finding the answers to these questions. The growth of CEIBS as a b-school which is considered as Asia’s best b-school today has been extraordinary. Let’s find out the answers to these questions and find out what a CEIBS MBA looks like!

China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) was founded in 1994, in an agreement between the Chinese government and European Union. The main campus of CEIBS Is located in Shanghai and it has various other satellite campuses, like in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Zurich. When it comes to diversity, most of the admits in CEIBS hail from Asia, about 88%. Only 12% come from rest of the world. But when comes to student placements, CEIBS MBA alumni are placed in almost every major country in the world today.

I am planning to apply for a CIEBS MBA? Is it worth it?

In the recent Financial Times Global Ranking 2017, CEIBS MBA was ranked as #1 in Asia and #8 globally. When they asked the alumni about their experiences in CEIBS, all of them had to say one thing in common that CEIBS opened up all the doors for them and gave them the opportunities they could have never predicted.

Though there are multiple reasons for why you should opt for an MBA at CEIBS. The following are the most important amongst them –

  • It offers a world-class, 18 months MBA programme, completely taught in English.
  • The programme specifically aims to prepare students for their professional career with strong career aspirations, clear mindset, promising managerial skill.
  • The entire programme accustoms to the participant’s goals and aspirations. CEIBS aim at developing the candidate’s professionalism, sense of social responsibility, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • CEIBS recently introduced its new curriculum which includes various applied integration modules. This require students to systematically and innovatively solve business problems using their skills and knowledge they acquired while studying the programme.
  • Considering China’s global breadth and depth and how it is solidifying its position as a super economy, CEIBS promises to offer the richest China expertise and experience. Studying in CEIBS also gives you the broadest perspective amongst other Chinese b-schools.
  • It also offers a great campus life and world-class facilities to its students. The school is extremely accommodating, impressive and is one of the most technologically advanced b-school in the world.
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CEIBS MBA has a core curriculum similar to that in the top schools in Europe and America.

About 400 companies visited CEIBS this year. About 65% of the graduates were selected for jobs in multinational firms with a base salary of $82,300. It also became the first Chinese b-school to receive EQUIS accreditation.

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