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Ecole Polytechnique

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History, Affiliations and Rankings

In 1794, the École Polytechnique was created as the École Centrale des Travaux Publics (Central School of Public Works) in response to a shortage of engineers and high-ranking administrators in France. École Polytechnique, a product of the French Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment, has a long and illustrious history spanning over 225 years. Since its foundation, the institution has maintained a legacy of scientific brilliance and dedication to public service. The university has an academic affiliation with the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) and the Conference of Deans of French Schools of Engineering (CDEFI). It is officially recognized by the Ministère des Armées, France (Ministry of the Armed Forces of France). École Polytechnique is a top French engineering school that is competitive on a national and international scale. It is ranked #61 in QS Global World Rankings 2021 and ranks #61 in the graduate employability category.

Infrastructure, Campuses and Courses

The École Polytechnique is a nearly 160-hectare complex with many entry points located 20 kilometers south of Paris. Students, researchers, employees, and visitors can take advantage of a variety of services, facilities, and events at the location, which contributes to a vibrant and active campus life. The central library, located in the heart of campus, provides papers to lecturers, students, and researchers, as well as the possibility for all members to participate in individual or group cultural events. École Polytechnique offers a wide range of high-level scientific and technological degree and non-degree programs. The university is world renowned for its program in Science, Technology and Engineering.

Accomplishments and Alumni 

École Polytechnique is a leading French institute that combines top-level research, academics, and innovation at the cutting-edge of science and technology. The school produces socially responsible professionals who excel in leading complex and innovative projects which address current and future challenges facing our society. The university’s professors are recognized with awards like the 2020 ERC Starting Grants, European Louis Bachelier Prize, “best thesis” in applied mathematics and economics award, gold medal in Southwestern Europe Regional Contest and many more. With nearly 30,000 alumni throughout the world, it has developed a network of nearly 140 approved alumni groups, including approximately 45 professional groups in France and 17 groups worldwide. Bernard Arnault, Chief Executive Officer of LVMH, Auguste Comte, French philosopher and Siméon Denis Poisson, French Mathematician are among the notable alumni of the university.

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

There are just 3600 students registered at the university. Their students form a close-knit group that, while they will blend in, will not disappear. International students contribute to the richness of their tiny community; around 70 different countries are represented on campus, with international students accounting for 36 percent of the student body and 39 percent of the faculty. The active student life at École Polytechnique can be attributable to the numerous associations available to students. In total, students are involved in about 250 organizations, participating in a wide range of cultural, artistic, social, scientific, religious, and sporting activities. According to a recent survey, 64 percent of grads find work before graduation and 100 percent within six months following graduation. Google, McKinley & Company, EDF and Deloitte are among the top employers of university graduates.

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