What Should We Carry for the GRE exam?

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What Should We Carry for the GRE exam?

Before appearing for the GRE it is important to familiarize yourself with the examination. For example, what needs to be brought to the examination centre and what should not. The GRE examination is one of the most popular examinations taken up by students to enrol in graduate programs abroad. Therefore, we have provided the checklist of what a candidate should bring to the GRE examination hall.  It will help a test taker to be prepared on the examination day. Keep reading to learn more about the same.


Documents to Carry on GRE Test Day

There are multiple GRE tests held. Therefore, the exact things required for each test might be different. However, the general documents that are required to carry on the GRE test day are as follows:

  • Valid ID proof- For example, a passport. Do note that the identification proof must be original and must bear your surname
  • A printed copy of the GRE test confirmation letter that includes the test date, location, and other important information.
  • Food and water must be kept in handy although it is not allowed in the examination room.. Moreover, those who take the precipitation medication must bring the same and have it on time
  • A wristwatch is essential to check the time during the test.

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What to bring for the GRE Home test?

A home test is different from a GRE examination test. The following are the things that a student has to bring for the GRE home test.

  • A proper working desktop or laptop with an inbuilt camera or external camera to monitor the examination
  • The workspace has to be clear of items and the student must ensure he is seated
  • Make sure to have a microphone or speaker as the usage of headphones is not permitted
  • Additionally, clothing accessories such as hats or stoles are not permitted

What to not take to the GRE test hall?

There are some things that a student must not bring to the GRE test hall. These things are mentioned below:

  • Jewellery other than wedding or engagement rings
  • Tobacco or cigarettes
  • Weapons or firearms
  • Money
  • Bits of paper, electronic gadgets, calculator
  • Unnecessary clothing items like bows, and, hairbands, etc.

Points to Remember in GRE Test Day

Here are some additional points that GRE test takers must remember. Any flaw in these documents can result in a person being disqualified.

  • Carry a passport, PAN card, or other government-issued documents
  • Don’t carry a photocopy
  • Make sure the candidate’s name is the same on the GRE fo
  • Carry three documents instead of two just in case something happens

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1. What should I carry for GRE exam in India?

Some of the things a student must carry include a valid passport, Aadhar card, and a photograph, Moreover, the student has to undergo a mandatory identification verification. For example, voicing verification, and biometric verification.

2. Do I need to carry my passport for the GRE exam?

Yes, a passport is mandatory for the GRE examination.

3. Do you have a pen and paper for the GRE?

Yes. The test administrators provide 2 paper 2 pencils, an eraser, and a sharpener for each candidate.  Moreover, if a candidate needs more of these he/she can raise hand and the test administrator will provide the same to the student.

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