What is a Good TOEFL Speaking Score?

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What is a Good TOEFL Speaking Score?

The full form of TOEFL is the Test of English as a foreign language. It is a standardized test that measures the English proficiency of the candidate. It is accepted by many countries around the world as an English proficiency test for students who are moving abroad for their studies or work basis. The TOEFL exam consists of 4 sections. One such section is TOEFL Speaking. Scoring well in the TOEFL exam is very important and section-wise scores also matter in the overall performance. Students who are preparing for the exam, may wonder “What is a Good TOEFL Speaking Score?”. This blog gives a detailed guide on TOEFL Speaking Score and tips to improve your score.

TOEFL SectionsType of Questions
ReadingRead 3-5 passages and answer 12-14 questions on each passage.
ListeningA. 3–4 lectures (3-5 minutes long, about 500-800 words), 6 questions each; About 30 questions in total
B. 2–3 conversations (about 3 minutes long, about 12-25 exchanges), 5 questions each; About 12 questions in total
SpeakingA. 1 independent task (prep time: 15 sec; response time: 45 sec)
B. 3 integrated tasks – Read/Listen/Speak (prep time: 30 sec; response time: 60 sec): Total no. of questions: 4, Total time: 17 minutes
WritingA. 1 integrated task – Read/Listen/Write (20 minutes) (reading time: 3 min; Listening time: 2 min; writing: 15 min)
B. 1 independent task (30 minutes): Total no. of questions: 2, Total time: 50 minutes

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TOEFL Speaking Score Scales

Each section of the TOEFL exam weighs 30 marks. Scoring well in each section of the TOEFL exam is very important. Refer to the table below for an overview of the scoring range in the TOEFL exam:

SectionScore RangeScore Level
Speaking0-30Good: 26-30
Fair: 18-25
Limited: 10-17
Weak: 0- 9

Scaling of TOEFL Speaking Score

The TOEFL Speaking section consists of 6 questions which are classified into independent, and integrated questions. In the independent section, there are 2 questions where the candidate has to give their opinion on the topic mentioned. 

The other type of question consists of 4 Tasks where the type of task is reading a passage and the second task is recording your response to a prompt. 

The ratings are given between a range of 0-4 which means a score of 0-30. The below-mentioned table gives an overview of the score according to the range:

Raw TOEFLScaled Score Range

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How to Score Good in TOEFL Speaking Section?

As said before, scoring well in each section of the TOEFL exam is very important. Follow the below-mentioned steps and practice the following to improve your score in the TOEFL Speaking section: 

Understand the Format: Familiarize yourself with the TOEFL Speaking section format. The tasks assess your ability to speak spontaneously and coherently on various topics.

Practice Regularly: Regular practice is key to improving your speaking skills. Record yourself answering sample TOEFL Speaking questions and listen to your responses to identify areas for improvement. 

Manage Your Time: In the TOEFL Speaking section, time management is crucial. Practice answering questions within the given time limits.

Use Examples and Details: Support your ideas with relevant examples and details. Providing specific examples can enhance the quality of your responses and demonstrate your language proficiency.


Is 22 a good TOEFL speaking score?

Scoring well in TOEFL speaking can be a bit difficult. However, any score above 25 is considered to be good in the TOEFL speaking section. 

Is it easy to score 26 in TOEFL speaking section?

No scoring 26 is not an easy task to score in TOEFL speaking section. However, there are some tips that you can follow if you want to score well on the exam.

Which is the tougher section in the TOEFL exam?

According to the reports, TOEFL Speaking is a tougher section in comparison to the remaining 3 sections of the exam. 

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