Study in US:  5 International Student Scholarships by Michigan State University

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Michigan State University offers international student scholarships for incoming first-year students. These scholarships are granted to non-US residency-status students. The scholarship would cover tuition fees, living expenses, and student travel expenses, among other things. However, the benefits and eligibility vary on the type of scholarship.


Only a limited number of international student scholarships are available. Hence, interested students must apply for admission to the university before the deadline. Unless stated otherwise, there is no requirement for separate scholarship applications. 

5 International Student Scholarships by MSU

Study in US:  5 International Student Scholarships by Michigan State University

YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship 

The YouAreWelcomeHere scholarship aims to bridge the intercultural divide. The scholarship is available to undergraduate students and covers the tuition fees. That is, $25,000/INR 20.74 lakh is available annually. Moreover, the scholarship is renewable for 8 years. However, it cannot be added on top of the international student grant.

International Tuition Grant

The scholarship is available as $ 25,000 INR 20.74 lakh, $21,000/INR 17.42 lakh, or $18,000/INR 14.93 lakh per year for eight semesters. Applicants are judged on the basis of academic performance, student involvement, scholarship essay, English proficiency, and geographical diversity. The top 5% of the MSU applicants receive the scholarship. Hence, meritorious non-US residency-status students can apply. 

Global Ambassador Grant

Students who do not qualify for the International Tuition Grant but exceed the admission criteria are eligible for this scholarship. The university awards an annual scholarship benefit of $7,000/ INR 5.80 lakh for eight semesters. The scholarship committee evaluates the student’s overall application, taking into consideration factors such as academic performance, essays, student involvement, English language proficiency, and geographic diversity.

Red Cedar Scholarship

The Red Cedar Scholarship is available to the dependents/grandchildren of MSU alumni. The scholarship benefit is $1,250/INR 1.03 lakh annually. However, the Red Cedar Scholarship limits eligibility to 8 consecutive semesters of enrollment.

Presidential Study Abroad Scholarship

The presidential Study Abroad scholarship is available to use with an MSU sponsored/co-sponsored study abroad program outside the US. The benefit is an amount of $3,000/ INR 2.48 lakh or $5,000/INR 4.14 lakh, depending on the program length. However, UG students at MSU can only utilize the scholarship within the first 8 semesters of enrollment or before obtaining the degree.

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