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universities in Albania

Let’s all agree that university life should be exciting! A place of learning may be a true hub of activity since something new is continuously erupting. Albanian educational institutions take numerous measures to keep pupils interested in their studies.


Your stay in the nation will probably rank among your most intense and vivid experiences. This is further enhanced by Albania’s exceptional environment, which provides scholars with chances to pursue intellectual and social endeavours that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Universities and outside organisations are dedicated to providing students with the most memorable experiences possible. Continue reading this blog article to know more about the top universities in Albania.

Why Study in Albania?

There are many benefits to choosing Albania for your study abroad destination. Students from all over the world come here to learn about the different economic needs as well as the rich cultural heritage. Some people continue to live and work in Albania. Here are some more details on the key benefits of studying in Albania:

  • For both postgraduate and undergraduate studies, Albania offers highly competitive scholarships that are available to students from throughout the world.
  • Albania has programmes taught in English that will fit your preferred learning method. As a result, you can study in Albania in English without needing to speak Albanian fluently.
  • Albania provides top-notch universities. The degrees earned at universities in Albania are respected all around the world.
  • Albanian culture is extensive and varied. You will gain first-hand knowledge of Albanian culture. You’ll have a novel and unforgettable lifestyle.
  • Albania is a welcoming, safe, and inexpensive study-abroad destination. The expense of living and studying in Albania is similarly moderate.
  • The primary tongue in Albania is Albanian. You will have the opportunity to learn a new language if you choose to study in Albania. A foreign language skill improves your resume and opens up several professional prospects.

Eligibility Criteria to Study in Albania

International students must meet the requirements to study abroad in Albania. Universities and courses may have different requirements for enrollment. Verify your eligibility before submitting an application for admission. However, standards are

  • Students must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale, or a B average.
  • Students must be proficient in English.
  • Students must have scored at least 60% from a recognised board of education.
  • Albanian students who want to pursue higher education must have completed the Matura test. At the conclusion of secondary school in Albania, students take this exam to graduate from high school. Students who succeed on the test are given a “Maturity Diploma/Certificate,” which attests to their completion of secondary school.

Top Universities to Study in Albania

Check out these top universities to study in Albania:

  1. University of Tirana
  2. Ismail Qemali University of Vlora
  3. Albanian University
  4. University of New York Tirana
  5. Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel”
  6. University of Medicine, Tirana
  7. Epoka University
  8. Polis University
  9. Marlin Barleti University
  10. Alekansder Xuhvani University of Elbasan

University of Tirana

Albania has a public university called the University of Tirana. The University of Tirana offers three-year bachelor’s programmes, one- or two-year master’s programmes, and two- or five-year doctoral programmes. The University of Tirana offers a variety of courses, and each course has its own departments and faculties. The Department of Physical Education, the Faculty of Economic Sciences, the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Social Sciences, and many others are just a few of the departments and faculties.

Ismail Qemali University of Vlora

The Ismail Qemali University of Vlora is a public University. It offers various degrees in humanities, economics, public health, technology and engineering. The university also has specific departments for various courses in the field of physics, chemistry, computer science, marine science, technology and marine engineering. 

Albanian University

The Albanian University is a private university in Albania. There are two faculties at this institution that provide programmes: the faculty of social sciences, which offers courses in science teaching, law, politics, psychology, and general administration, and the faculty of economics, which offers courses in banking and finance-business administration. Then there was opening of two new faculties, the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering and these faculties include preschool teacher education, primary education teacher, English language, nursing, engineering computer and information technology.

University of New York Tirana

The first private institution in Albania is the University of New York Tirana (UNYT). The University of New York at Tirana (UNYT) gives students the chance to earn university degrees at the Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels in a variety of academic fields and professional specialisations. These degrees will give students the knowledge, abilities, and self-assurance needed to succeed in a diverse and international work environment and will prepare them for a life as contributing members of the global community. The University of New York Tirana is committed to fostering a culture of study, individual development, and the building of a community where participation and freedom of speech are valued and fostered.

Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel”

Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel” is a private university in Albania. The university is a crucial component of the complex of academic medical centres, which is intimately connected to the Albanian Health System. Additionally, the institution promotes excellence in higher education, Albanian scientific research, and health care services. Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel” offers education to students in three major faculties area which includes  

  • Faculty of Medicine: Dentistry; Nursing; Medicine and Surgery; Physiotherapy
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication; Department of Political Science and International Relations; Department of Journalism and Communication
  • Faculty of Economic Sciences
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Architecture

Application Procedure to Study in Albania

Below mentioned is the generalised application procedure for students to study in Albania:

  • Find a course at a school in Albania that is recognised by the government. 
  • Make contact with the university and start the application process.
  • Find out from the university what is necessary to receive an acceptance or admission letter.
  • Obtain the letter of acceptance and registration from the Albanian university.
  • Prepare your visa application and collect the other necessary paperwork.
  • Prepare to move to Albania by online applying for a student visa.

Documents Required to Study in Albania

In order to apply in Albania, you have to be ready with the aforementioned documents listed below:

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Visa Process to Study in Albania

You require a student visa in order to enter Albania. Every country has a different set of visa rules. Consular offices in Albania must issue you a visa. A long-term visa, type D, is required for visitors planning to stay in Albania for longer than 90 days.

  • Valid Passport
  • Completed application for a visa.
  • Provide two passport photos
  • Pay the visa application fees.
  • Letter of recommendation from your college studies
  • Proof of a financial plan for their trip, lodging, booking, and airline reservations as well as proof of health insurance to cover their medical costs in Albania
  • Make a copy of your most recent bank statement.
  • Letter of recommendation from your organisation

Cost of Living in Albania

The average cost of living in Albania for students is LEK 52,118 (INR 39,303) without rent. 

ComponentEstimated Cost
RentUSD 121.34 – USD 323.57
INR 9,825 – INR 26,201
GroceryUSD 1.01 – USD 6.47
INR 81.79 – INR 523.92
TransportationUSD 0.24 – USD 2.43
INR 19.43 – INR 196.77

Cost of Studying in Albania

Both public and private universities can be found in Albania, and they both provide a wide variety of study programmes at all levels of higher education. The average cost of studying for the graduate programme ranges around $ 4,450 (INR 3,60,344) whereas for the postgraduate programme ranges around $ 6,674 (INR 5,40,435). 

Highest Paying Careers in Albania

Highest paying professions in Albania are mentioned below:

ProfessionAverage Salary
per annum
DoctorsLEK – 1,86,000 to LEK – 5,47,000
INR – 1,40,267 to INR 4,12,506 
OrthodontistsLEK – 1,26,000 to LEK – 3,72,000
INR – 95,019 to INR 2,80,534
JudgesLEK – 1,56,000 to LEK – 4,59,000
INR  – 1,17,643 to INR – 3,46,143
Bank ManagersLEK – 1,19,000 to LEK – 3,50,000
INR – 89,740 to INR – 2,63,943
Chief Financial OfficersLEK – 1,04,000 to LEK – 3,06,000
INR – 78,429 to INR 2,30,762
LawyersLEK – 1,26,000 to LEK – 3,72,000
INR – 95,019 to INR 2,80,534


Can foreign students get employment in Albania?

Students can work after their studies on a work permit, but they must focus on their studies throughout that time without considering how much money they might make from a job placement.

Is Albania an expensive place to live?

Albania has a reasonable cost of living. International schools and private healthcare would be an expat’s largest expenses because housing, food, and utilities are so inexpensive.

Which is the best university to study in Albania?

The Polytechnic University of Tirana is the best university in Albania.

We have covered everything for students planning to study in Albania. If you are looking forward to studying in Albania then call our Leverage Edu experts for assistance. For more information regarding the admission process, the application process and documentation requirements call us at 1800572000 immediately for a 30-minute free counselling session.

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