Guelph Grads Who Shine: 7 Notable Alumni 

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The University of Guelph, fondly nicknamed “Guelph” by its students (known as Gryphons), has an impressive alumni network. The public research university in Ontario, Canada has produced many influential figures time and again. Be it environmental activists, business leaders, or award-winning artists, the University of Guelph notable alumni have left their mark on the world in numerous impactful ways. This blog will explore the qualifications and achievements of seven such Gryphons. Read on to know more!


List of University of Guelph Notable Alumni

This is just a glimpse into the vast pool of the University of Guelph’s alumni. The institute continues to cultivate exceptional minds who are making a difference across various fields. Some of their famous graduates are as follows:

Vandana Shiva (MSc, Soil Science)

Vandana Shiva

Source: World Future Council 

A renowned Indian scholar, Shiva is a champion for environmental protection and food sovereignty. Nicknamed the “Gandhi of Grain,” this University of Guelph notable alumni fiercely advocates against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and promotes sustainable agricultural practices.

Scott McGillivray (B.Comm)

Scott McGillivray

Source: HGTV Canada

This Canadian entrepreneur and television personality is a household name in the home renovation world. McGillivray, the host of HGTV’s “Income Property” and “Moving the McGillivrays,” parlayed his business degree from Guelph into a successful career in real estate and media.

Laura Bertram (BA, Theatre)

Laura Bertram

Source: Wikipedia

This award-winning actress has graced stages and screens for decades. Bertram, known for her roles in shows like “Traders” and “Da Vinci’s Inquest,” honed her craft at Guelph’s Theatre program before launching her illustrious career.

Tim Bray (B.Sc., Computing Science)

Tim Bray

Source: The New York Times

A tech industry veteran and a University of Guelph notable alumni, Bray is a software developer and entrepreneur who co-created XML and co-founded Java. His contributions have significantly shaped the digital landscape, and his Guelph education undoubtedly played a role in his groundbreaking work.

Karen Beauchemin (B.Sc., Microbiology)

Karen Beauchemin

Source; Canada.ca

This accomplished research scientist and University of Guelph notable alumni is a leader in the field of animal health. Beauchemin’s work on bovine immunology has made significant strides in improving cattle health and productivity. Her Guelph education provided the foundation for her remarkable scientific achievements.

Rupan Bal (B.A., English) 

Rupan Bal

Source: Wikipedia

This Canadian-Indian YouTuber is a social media phenomenon known for his comedic sketches and cultural commentary. Bal’s engaging content has garnered him millions of followers worldwide. While his creative path may not be typical, his time at Guelph undoubtedly helped shape his communication and storytelling skills.

Dr. Roberta Bondar (B.Sc., Zoology & Agriculture, MSc, Zoology)

Dr. Roberta Bondar

Canada’s first female astronaut, Dr. Bondar is a national hero and a scientific inspiration. Her groundbreaking spaceflight in 1992 opened doors for countless young women in science and technology. 

Though her undergraduate degree wasn’t solely science-focused, her time at Guelph undoubtedly nurtured her intellectual curiosity and thirst for exploration.


Q1. Who is the most famous person from Guelph?

Ans: Neve Campbell, star of the “Scream” franchise and “Party of Five,” is likely Guelph’s most famous resident. Actress Laura Bertram and astronaut Roberta Bondar are also notable Gryphons.

Q2. Is the University of Guelph prestigious?

Ans: Currently ranking =456 in QS World University Rankings 2025, the University of Guelph is a prestigious university.

Q3. What famous people went to the University of Guelph?

Ans: The University of Guelph boasts accomplished alumni! Astronaut Roberta Bondar, “Income Property” host Scott McGillivray, and actress Laura Bertram are all Gryphons.  While not all celebrities attend university, Guelph grads are making their mark in science, entertainment, and business.

And this was all about the University of Guelph notable alumni. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu for regular updates on study-abroad universities like these.

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