Types of Essays in TOEFL: Important Information & Sample

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Types of Essays in TOEFL

TOEFL essays have several types that students must be aware of. The essay section in the TOEFL exam contains mainly two types of tasks. That is, an independent writing task, and an integrated writing task. The latter contains a short test and an audio lecture. The information may help in explaining/supplementing the text. Applicants can take notes in the interim and later on are given 20 minutes to write the essay with a word limit of 150-225. On the other hand, the former consists of writing an essay to express the opinions of the candidates, emphasizing certain facts or any position. Keep reading to learn more about the types of essays in TOEFL  and sample essays.


Types of Essays in TOEFL

A student can find several types of online writing samples with answers. The reason is, that there are four main types of essays in TOEFL. It is divided into essays for building arguments, disagreeing/agreeing on something, providing an explanation, or stating a preference. The type of essay is based on the question a candidate can get. Generally, an independent writing part requires a candidate to write a minimum of 300-350 words. Below we have listed some of the essay styles with questions.

Types of Essays in TOEFL: Agree/Disagree Essays

Question 1- Agree or disagree with the following statement- For research purposes, it is best to use articles and books among printed materials over the internet.

Question 2- Agree or disagree with the following statement- Worldwide internet usage has resulted in a positive impact on modern life.

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Types of Essays in TOEFL: Multiple Choice Essays

Question 1- Those living in the same neighbourhood, building, or area can be called neighbors. According to you, what is the best type of neighbor for anyone? Options are given below. You can use instances to support your answer.

  • Someone who is friendly and supportive
  • Someone who is non-fussy. 
  • A person who is similar in terms of preferences, habits, and lifestyle 

Question 2- In your opinion what is the best approach to solve a problem? Options are given below. You can use instances to back up your answer.

  • Finding details about the issue and gathering information
  • Taking advice from an experienced person
  • Taking time to refresh, think, and rest about the issue at hand

Types of Essays in TOEFL: Paired Choice Essays

Question 1 – Some students prefer classes that take place offline or face-to-face interactions, and others prefer online classes with limited discussions. Which one do you prefer? Cite specific examples to support your answer.

Question 2- Some people want to travel solo to enjoy leisure and freedom while others prefer to travel in company. Which one is your preference?  Cite specific instances to support your answer.

Types of Essays in TOEFL: Good Idea Essays

Question 1- Several people prefer going to malls to access amenities easily. However, some people oppose the construction of malls due to the noise, environment depletion, and noise.  If such a shopping mall opened in your locality would you support or oppose the idea? State your stand by citing reasons and examples.

Question 2- The institutional authorities are revamping their monetary resources and have made changes to their priority list. Therefore, an institution is looking to spend more money on improving the sports facilities and reducing investments in campus libraries. According to you, is it a good idea? State your position by providing examples and relevant reasons.

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Sample Essay

Q- Movies and Television have high influences on the behaviour of people. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Provide specific examples and reasons to support your answer.

Answer- The entertainment industry is not only reflective but also impactful on society. According to me, television shows and movies have greatly influenced the lives of people. There are mainly two reasons why I hold this opinion. I have described these reasons in the essay.

Firstly, Movies and television create characters that eventually become role models for people, For several students several characters become their inspiration. As the movies are now portraying realistic characters, these characters have become more relatable. The impact is positive or negative depending on the storyline., For example, a movie showcasing a positive or heroic character who has risen to the top due to hard work can influence people to have a humble and soft-spoken outlook. 

On the contrary, if a movie is showcasing a hero who is playing a crusader with an abrasive style of mannerisms and speech can create a negative impact. Although the overall idea is good, the mannerisms can greatly influence young audiences.

Secondly, movies and television shows create vicarious experiences for the audience. That is, they create objectives, actions, happenings, and conclusions that several people desire but cannot achieve.  Hence, people become influenced directly by the goals the characters achieve. Thus, affecting the behaviour of the individuals. Thus, depending on the storyline it can create a negative or positive experience for the audience.

To conclude, I would say that television and movies do influence the behavioural patterns of individuals. However, the impact of the same can either be positive or negative. Channelling the stories positively through awareness is something that everyone needs to consider. After all, movies and television shows do have an impact on the audience.

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What are the different types of writing in TOEFL?

There are mainly two types of writing tasks. That is, integrated writing tasks (20 minutes) that contain a short passage and listen to a short lecture. Another type is an academic discussion task of 10 minutes. That is, to state and support the opinion in an online classroom.

What is the TOEFL essay format?

TOEFL exam independent essay has to consist of 300-325 words. However, it is best to write between 350-400 words, To write the TOEFL essay a student has to write 4 paragraphs. That is, it must contain an introduction, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.

What are the most common topics in TOEFL writing?

Some of the common topics asked in TOEFL writing are education, social media, mobile phones, and technology, among others.

There are several types of essays in TOEFL. The essay types a student needs to answer depend on the question. Some of the types of essays in TOEFL include paired Choice Essays, agree or disagree essays, and multiple choice essays. Build a plan with Leverage Edu‘s Leverage Live classes and our top trainers and strengthen your English score as well as your application so that you can secure your spot in your dream college.

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