Top Hangout Places Near University of Bonn: A Guide

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top hangout places near university of Bonn

The University of Bonn in Bonn, Germany, has been recognised as one of only 11 German Universities of Excellence since 2019, as well as the only German university with six Excellence Clusters. Since 1818, the University of Bonn has aided in the quest for excellence by maintaining a solid record of disciplinary excellence and a diverse range of Transdisciplinary Research Areas. While the university provides its students with a world-class education, their closeness to various hangout spots allows them to socialise and enjoy German culture. Continue reading to learn about the top hangout places near University of Bonn.

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Here are some of the best hangout places neat the University of Bonn: 

Bonn Museum of Modern Art

Source: Museums of the world

The Bonn Museum of Modern Art (Kunstmuseum Bonn), founded in 1947, features a variety of temporary and permanent exhibits. The permanent collection includes works from the Rhenish Expressionism school as well as postwar art from all throughout Germany.

In addition, the museum houses one of the most substantial collections of August Macke’s works. This comprises paintings, watercolours, and drawings, as well as works by his contemporary, Max Ernst, who was a pivotal figure in the creation of Surrealism. Another draw is its collection of over 5,000 postwar prints, as well as one-of-a-kind video art. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available in the on-site café. All these astounding attributes make the Bonn Museum of Modern Art one of the top hangout places near University of Bonn. 

Address Helmut-Kohl-Allee 2, 53113 Bonn, Germany
Contact Number +49 228 776260

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House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany


The first exhibitions of the House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany (Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, or “Haus der Geschichte”) opened four years after the German capital returned to Berlin to document the terrible years when Germany was a divided nation.

The museum spans the years from World War II’s end to the fall of the Iron Curtain and Germany’s reunification. It compares East and West German life through images, films, and artefacts, demonstrating how the two postwar German states progressed. Make sure that you visit this one of the top hangout places near University of Bonn. 

Address Willy-Brandt-Allee 14, 53113 Bonn, Germany
Contact Number +49 228 91650


Source: KKW Architekten

August Macke Haus, which was opened in 1991, is dedicated to the prominent expressionist who lived here between 1911 and 1914. The museum’s highlights include rebuilt interiors as well as antiques and documentation passed down through the artist’s family. The museum also frequently presents temporary exhibits. There are guided tours available.

August Macke Haus’ incredible antiques and documentation make it one of the top hangout places near University of Bonn.  

Address Hochstadenring 36, 53119 Bonn, Germany
Contact Number+49 228 655531

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Bonn Botanical Garden Botanical Garden and Poppelsdorf Palace


The Bonn Botanical Garden (Bonn Botanische Gärten der Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn), which spans 16 acres and is owned and administered by the University of Bonn, can be traced back to 1340 when it was built as part of the castle gardens. In 1720, they were renovated into their current Baroque design, and the Rococo Poppelsdorf Palace was erected in 1746.

Today, the garden is home to over 11,000 plant varieties, including several endangered native species. The enormous arboretum, which has several types of woody plants, as well as plants organised by geographic region, are highlights of its outdoor gardens. There are guided tours and instructive talks available. With such a wide variety of plants, this botanical garden is one of the top hangout places near University of Bonn. 

Address Meckenheimer Allee 169, 53115 Bonn, Germany
Contact Number +49 228 735523

Waldau & Bonn City Forest

Source: Trail-stained Fingers

The Kottenforst is a 40-square-kilometer area located a short distance south of downtown Bonn that is well worth a visit. This enormous urban green zone, also known as the Bonn City Forest, is part of the famed Rhineland Nature Park and is home to a rich array of flora and wildlife.

The Waldau, the heart of the forest, is a former game farm that most tourists visit and has a fantastic visitor centre and café. From here, you may explore easy-to-follow hiking trails, pausing along the way to photograph the numerous friendly deer that live in the woodland and meadows. This stunning natural sight of this place makes it one of the top hangout places near University of Bonn. 

Address An d. Waldau 50, 53127 Bonn, Germany
Contact Number+49 228 775059

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Q1. Is it worth going to Bonn?

Ans. Bonn is a vibrant cultural city that can be visited as a day trip or thoroughly immersed in over a few days. The city hosts several cultural events and has a lovely old town with cobblestone streets and quaint shops and restaurants.

Q2. Is University of Bonn taught in English?

Ans. The university’s programs are all taught in English. Some programs, however, need confirmation of German language proficiency for admittance.

Q3. Why is Bonn famous?

Ans. Bonn is much more than merely Germany’s former capital; it also has a well-deserved reputation as an artistic city. As Beethoven’s birthplace, Bonn spreads the joy of classical music and honours its world-famous son with a series of performances conducted every September and October.

So, this was all about the top hangout places near University of Bonn. A large number of Indian students aspire to pursue their education in developed countries, attracted by the opportunities for exposure and professional advancement they provide. If you also wish to study abroad, you might want to explore the option of attending a complimentary counselling session with Leverage Edu.

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