Study in UK: Empower Your Well-Being with New Online Course for International Students

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Study in UK: Empower Your Well-Being with New Online Course for International Students
The British Council and Newcastle University have developed an online course to assist foreign students with their well-being studying in UK.

A new course has been launched by the British Council of India for international students. It has been made possible after partnering with Psychological Therapies Training and Research Unit at New Castle University


It is an online course to support international students’ mental well-being while studying in the UK. The duration of the course is three weeks. The program begins in September 2023. 

Videos produced by teachers, foreign students from Newcastle University, and interactive live events will be used to provide lessons. Whatsoever, enrollment in the program will be available from the month of August for international students.

However, by the end of the course, students will be able to control their stress levels, have time management techniques, and have the tools to navigate life in a new culture and environment.

Students with expertise in student mental health and current overseas students from Newcastle University will serve as the course’s moderators. Additionally, participants will have access to any extra assistance and support they require.

More About Online Program

Also, as per Elizabeth Tresnan, Study UK Director of the British Council, the course aims to help students manage expectations and enhance personal resilience. 

The program will build and maintain high levels of well-being. Moreover, it encourages students to seek assistance when needed. 

Additionally, the course will help students on how and where to access relevant support and services at university and beyond.

Furthermore, Yinbo Yu, head of the UK Council for International Student Affairs and long-term supporter of the Study UK campaign adds he knows how challenging it can be to experience difficult feelings such as culture shock and homesickness.

He adds, “I am pleased to see the partnership between Study UK at the British Council and Newcastle University providing valuable and accessible resources to help students navigate integrating into a new learning and living environment.”

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