Study Abroad: Visa Interview Done! What Now?

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Study Abroad: Visa Interview Done! What Now?

Many students wonder what they should do after the visa interview is done. Is it time to finally sit and rest? Not quite, there is a checklist that you can follow to avoid making your study abroad ride bumpy. Utilize the time to make some essential arrangements and also to avoid certain situations. Before diving into what you should do let’s first make clear what period are we talking about. 


After registering for a visa, receiving a visa interview invitation and sitting for the interview, comes a time when students do not know what to do. That is the time being discussed here. In some cases, however, the visa interview is exempted and in that case, the time being referred to is after filling visa application and submitting all your visa documents. 

Study Abroad: Visa Interview Done! What Now?

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What To Do If Not Panic?

Visa is often the last crucial bridge to cross to make your dream a reality. Therefore, the anxiety that has subsided by preparations so far, might weigh on you now. However, Leverage Edu Visa Expert Mr. Durgesh S., Manager at Value Added Services department has some amazing suggestions for the students to follow that will help you stay calm, engaged and over the edge.  

  1. First of all, our expert has urged students to apply for university registration if that has not been already done. Every university issues a registration form to register new students to its campus. 
  2. Immigration authorities check this document on arrival of the student and in the absence of this the student may even face deportation. If the deadline for the registration form is close, you can also request your university to extend it. 
  3. Additionally, Mr Durgesh also advises students to not move their funds from the bank account whose details are given for their visa application. The visa consulate can contact the banks anytime for confirmation of funds and if the funds are not adequate, it can lead to a delay in the visa process. 
  4. Also, for the same reason he emphasised that the students should remain in contact with the bank. Sometimes, banks tend to miss emails and fail to provide your account information when the universities or visa authorities such as UKVI contact you for verification of funds. Therefore, it is advisable to keep in touch with the banks. 
  5. Another essential point is to not miss out on checking your emails regularly he says. The embassy or consulates might contact students for some additional documents or an interview. At times, the visa authorities do not have a mandatory interview but might call certain candidates for the process later. It is better to confirm and attend the interview on time. 

What Else Can a Student Do?

In the meantime, there are also many other things that a student can look into. You would be packing to leave but here are some other things to be prepared with. 

  1. Mr. Durgesh suggested that students should book their accommodation beforehand and if any contract papers are pending, get them sorted within this time. In case the student is under 18 years of age, having a pre-booked accommodation is mandatory. 
  2. Another thing students can sort for themselves according to our expert is the flight tickets. He also mentioned that booking refundable tickets that can also be rescheduled is always a better way to go. In case, a student faces a delay in visa decision or worse rejection of visa, this step will be beneficial. 
  3. Lastly, it is no big news that living abroad can be costly. Therefore students can also invest their time in researching public transport routes to their universities, grocery stores and other ways of making their life simpler. 

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These golden words can transform your study abroad experience by avoiding unwanted hurdles from your path. Some of these tips will help you avoid the major reasons for visa rejection or deportation from the airport by the immigration check. Follow these to have a hassle-free journey and If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates.

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