Study in Finland: Number of International Students Have Increased in Last 5 Years: Know How!

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In the last five years, Finland has got the maximum number of applications form international students. Students are increasingly enrolling themselves in Finnish Universities.

The number of international students who applied to study at universities in Finland has drastically increased in the last five months of this year. This is in comparison to how many students were going out to study last year. All this data has been released by the Finnish Immigration Service


A statement released by the agency on Wednesday mentioned that there has been a significant increase in the number of student resident permit applications. This triggered changes which were introduced last year in the legislation for this category of residence permits. 

The data has highlighted two factors which have contributed towards luring students to Finland. 

  1. To grant students residence permit for the entire duration of the degree program so that the students do not have to worry to get them renewed every year, as is done in most of the EU countries
  2. Extended right to work while their education continues.

Here is a screen grab from the official website which has listed all the data.

Study in Finland: Number of International Students Have Increased in Last 5 Years: Know How!

There were some countries, from where international students have come to pursue their higher education. These are:

  • China
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Pakistan

The Finnish Immigration Service in November 2022 reported the number of students who moved to Finland. Almost 7,000 study residence permits have been provided by Finland to third-country citizens. 

The growth of residence permits as compared to 2021 from a period of January to the end of October grew by 54 per cent. 

Other than this data, a total of 1,63,700 students have enrolled themselves at various Finnish universities. There was an average increase of 2.6 per cent as compared to the previous year. Most of the students were studying in fields like Social Sciences, Journalism and Information and Information and Communication Technologies. 

Study in Finland: Number of International Students Have Increased in Last 5 Years: Know How!

Finnish Immigration Service in its press release has also issued a statement saying that with the number of student residence applications increasing, there has been no delay in processing time. 

This year, the average time a student got to receive a decision on their residence permit was 20 days.

How to Get a Resident Permit?

Getting a residence permit is difficult, here are some of the steps which you should keep in mind to get the same:

  1. To get a residence permit, the student needs to be first accepted at a university in Finland. 
  2. After this, they will have to prove that they have sufficient funds to cover their living expenses in the country. 
  3. They must also have health insurance to cover medical expenses. 

Data for Number of Applications Received to Study in Finland

Year Number of Applications Received
2023 84,000
2022 50,000
2021 23,400
2020 29,700
2019 20,000

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