Study Abroad: Why Should You Necessarily Add a Personal Touch to Your University Application in 2024

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Study Abroad: Why Should You Necessarily Add a Personal Touch to Your University Application in 2024

Whether you are applying to foreign universities for the first time or your university application was previously rejected, you can try adding a personal touch to your application this time. Students often underestimate the power of university applications and personal statements. 


Most students try to focus on terms and phrases that would be preferred by the university. However, the same ways of writing your qualifications and achievements make the applications redundant and imitative. 

This is the reason we always discourage copying online templates and using AI tools directly to prepare your application. Students must understand that these resources are for reference and can never speak about you the way you can explain your achievements and qualifications. 

Recently, UCAS has flagged 7,300 applications from Indian students as plagiarised. The worst part is that these instances have only doubled up in the past two years. There were 3,559 plagiarised UCAS applications in 2021 and 7,300 applications in 2023. 

Therefore, it is equally relevant right now to discuss the importance of a personalised university application and ways in which students can achieve it. 

Benefits of Personalised Applications

The first and foremost thing is that an AI tool or website can only know what’s there in your resume. Nevertheless, it is only you who knows the details of each. 

What was your contribution, what milestones did you achieve, and was there any personal growth in a job position or how an internship motivated you towards pursuing your next degree? 

A position you help in school that taught you a great life lesson or details of soft skills you learned along the way and many more such details are important for your application. 

Through your applications, universities are trying to understand who you are and what motivates you to pursue a particular course at a particular university. 

Therefore, copied content and AI-generated prompts are not getting you anywhere in this process. A personalised application is authentic and that is what your university is looking for. 

Here are a few documents to help you;

How to Craft an Authentic University Application?

Here are some pointers you can consider while making your university application. 

  • You can take references from online templates and AI tools, but not copy the format entirely. 
  • Curate your answers beforehand with carefully crafted sentences that represent your experiences and knowledge. 
  • You can also choose to ask for help from study abroad experts to make your university application. 
  • Do not shy away from highlighting your achievements and success stories but do it subtly rather than boastfully. 
  • Justify your intent to learn in that particular field and university you have chosen. 
  • Be as genuine and positive as possible while writing your answers. 

This should help you make your university applications stand out. To give the right directions to your study abroad dreams and perfect your every move make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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