Study in Canada: Overseas Students Looking Out for Host Families in Waterloo

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Waterloo Region Student Placement is actively seeking host families for overseas students who are attending school in the Waterloo region. 

International students who are enrolled in high school in Waterloo Region are in need of host families, according to Waterloo Region Student Placement. As students pursue their educational ambitions in a foreign nation, families are urged to open their arms and offer a home away from home. Basically, host families needed to house overseas students in the region.


In addition to offering the chance to join the family’s daily activities and events, hosts are expected to provide care, support, and general comfort. The student’s physical requirements include a bedroom with a regular bed, desk, chair, light, and dresser. Additionally, host families must offer three nutritious meals daily and unrestricted internet connection. Those chosen will receive $1,000 (INR 82,071) every four weeks in addition to bonuses.

Study in Canada: Overseas Students Looking Out for Host Families in Waterloo

International secondary students attending schools in the Waterloo Region are actively looking for host families through Waterloo Region Student Placement (WRSP). Students staying with host families receive the following benefits: 

  • The chance to take part in the family’s daily activities; 
  • The care, comfort, and company of a family member; 
  • A bedroom with a desk, chair, lamp, dresser, and a bed that is not inflatable or convertible; 
  • Three nutritious meals per day; 
  • Unlimited internet access.
  • Families receive a salary of $1,000 (INR 82k) every four weeks plus extras.

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Study in Canada for Indian Students

Canada is swiftly advancing to take the top spot among countries to study abroad. It gives graduates incredible career chances, is more affordable than other English-speaking nations, and is very student-friendly. Canada’s universities are among the greatest in the world and are of the highest calibre. The nation also guarantees a high standard of living. Furthermore, you can study in Canada for nothing or a very small sum. 

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