Study Abroad: Why Is It Important For Students to Consider Multiple University Rankings In Current Scenario?

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Study Abroad: Why Is It Important For Students to Consider Multiple University Rankings In Current Scenario?

In the current scenario, choosing the right university is a big decision when it comes to studying abroad. This is primarily because of the scaling of education tourism worldwide. Universities are improving their game to enrol the best students. 

Similarly, each year the number of students choosing to study abroad is also breaking records. While some of them look for a specific college, others prioritise a foreign experience. Therefore, the choice of university in each case would be different. 

In the prior case, the choice is more restricted to course and curriculum whereas, the latter can include colleges with better acceptance rates. Therefore, selecting the right college or university depends on diverse factors and choices. 

For the same reason, universities must be prioritised based on personal preference. However, personal preferences cannot be reflected in world university rankings. Hence, students are required to go through multiple rankings to arrive at a university best suited for them. 

Ranking Factors and How They Benefit Students

First of all, do not make one ranking your favourite. That is, do not only follow one among Times Higher Education (THE), Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), US News and Shanghai Rankings. In fact, you should go through the past three rankings of each to begin your research. 

Next, THE, QS, Shanghai and US News also release different rankings based on various factors. Let’s have a look at some of those rankings and how can they benefit your choice of university. 

World University Rankings

These cover all aspects of the universities and rate them based on their overall performance in the year. They help students get an idea of the overall performance as well as improvements in the university. 

Young University Rankings

Some universities under 50 years of age are performing exceptionally well, but get overlooked for their efforts when it comes to competing with universities like Oxford University which are hundreds of years old. If students are looking for a dynamic environment and want to get more involved in development, they can look into these universities. 

Sustainability Rankings

As the world is suffering from climatic crises, not only universities but all industries and organisations of the world are looking for sustainable growth measures. If you graduate from universities which include sustainable development in your curriculum and practice it on campus it gives you an upper end in your career. 

Best Cities

Accept it or not, at times it is not about the university but the place where you want to live or a place you can also easily adjust to. Best cities help you identify the pros and cons of living at a particular place and places that are preferred by students at large. 

Ranking By Subject 

This needs no explanation. These rankings cover several major subjects and are very important for students who are aiming at universities that get countless applications. These rankings help you understand all the universities that have flagship courses under certain fields so that you have more options while applying and hence act smartly. 

Impact Rankings

These rankings are released by THE and assess the universities based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). If you are interested in making a global impact you can start at your university campus by choosing rightly. 

Regional Rankings

As mentioned earlier, studying abroad is also about an international experience. For instance, if you are influenced by European culture, you might look for the best universities in Europe. 

This is how different rankings and filters can help you arrive at a perfect list of dream universities. This will refine and devise a perfect study abroad plan for your career. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates.  

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