Study Abroad: DU Union Unveils Summer Internship 2023 Program for 1000 Students

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Delhi University announces Summer Internship 2023 program for Undergraduate and postgraduate students. 1000 students can participate.

Delhi University’s Student Union has recently announced the launch of its highly anticipated student internship scheme. It is known as the Summer Internship 2023 Program. The program seeks to equip undergraduates and postgraduates to provide experiential learning opportunities. 


More than 1000 students will get this opportunity, including those who are enrolled in the School of Open Learning(SOL) and Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board(NCWEB). The students will get valuable industry exposure and practical knowledge during their summer break.

Study Abroad: DU Union Unveils Summer Internship 2023 Program for 1000 Students
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The Summer Internship 2023 Program

The Internship program boasts an impressive array of benefits for the participating students. It serves as a gateway to various disciplines and industries, aligning with the university’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and nurturing future leaders. 

The internship program will be carried out for 8 to 12 weeks. So, the students will have ample time to immerse themselves in their designated roles and gain experience. 

The scheme aims to provide diverse internship opportunities covering various fields. So, these include business, engineering, humanities, science, arts, social sciences and technology. Furthermore, the program offers flexible working hours, accommodating different academic schedules and personal requirements.

Highlights of the Summer Internship Program

A significant highlight of this program is the provision of dedicated mentors for each participant. The mentors will offer guidance, support and regular feedback throughout the internship. Moreover, the student union states that this mentorship will prove invaluable in skill development, career exploration and the establishment of professional networks. 

After successful completion of this internship, students will get an official certificate, recognizing their contributions and achievements. This certification will serve as a testament to their practical skills, and work experience, further enhancing their future prospects.

DUSU President Akshit Dahiya expresses his enthusiasm and says, “The launch of the Summer Internship 2023 reaffirms the DUSU dedication to facilitating holistic development, nurturing talent, and empowering the student community. So, it would be one of the biggest internship programs provided by any Students’ Union ever.”
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