Study Abroad with a Twist

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Study Abroad with a Twist

If you’re a student who scored a decent CGPA and has proper financial means, you might want to study abroad to pursue your higher education. There is numerous study abroad programs that will help you with a fresh start. Many students consider taking Spanish language courses from Spain or finance courses from the UK. It doesn’t matter what course you choose, you need to ensure it’s something that will make you interested throughout the entire semester.  Even though many open-minded and adventurous scholars might not consider these options, you should do nothing but follow your heart. If you’re a brave soul, here are some great suggestions for your upcoming educational destination. 

Galapagos Islands 

You might have heard about Charles Darwin right? But do you know that he travelled all the way from the United Kingdom to West Ecuador so that he can learn more about the different types of flora and fauna? If you’re as ambitious as Charles Darwin and want to pursue a new course to boost your academic background, the University of Mississippi and the University of Alabama would offer you identical opportunities. The programs offered by the universities will allow oceanography and biology students to discover more about the birthplace of evolution. You will also learn more about the country, thanks to the diverse classrooms. 

Semester at Sea

This is undoubtedly a dream come true course. If you haven’t decided on the country to pursue your higher education, the Semester at Sea would undoubtedly help you boost your knowledge as well as your adventurous life. This is one type of floating classroom that lands in different time zones weekly. The professors at Semester at Sea, who have extensive knowledge in different countries in the world, will give on-board lectures. You can spend quality time with other international students as well.


Cuba has always been one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with hundreds of classic cars. Even though you might not get any direct flight to go to Cuba for educational purposes, vibrant and eye-catching roads have always made Cuba an interesting destination for education. 

Studying in Cuba will undoubtedly make your portfolio look great. However, keep in mind that accommodation in Cuba won’t be like 5-star hotels. You might need to stay in hotels or guest houses that are old. You might also face problems due to the poverty-sicken condition of the country, especially in Havana. But if you’re someone who doesn’t care about the state of accommodation, Cuba will always welcome you. 

Nunavut, Canada 

If you’re someone who’s not fond of nightlife and have always searched for an Inuit lifestyle, then this point is for you. Syracuse University allows both domestic and international students pursue the ‘Arctic Journey’ program in Nunavut, Canada. This program will start in May and end in June. This is the largest territory of Canada where you will get 24-hour daylight. If you love trekking, you can also go on adventurous trips while you study. You can also stay inside the igloo where you will receive a great experience. Keep in mind that you need to go through two courses: Inuit Political Development and Arctic Geography. 


If you’re a biology student and you want to pursue your higher studies from a lesser-known destination, consider choosing Vietnam. If you get admission to the University of Arizona, the courses offered by the university will undoubtedly change your life and guide you to a highly-skilled career path. Even though Vietnam used to turn down applications from international students, the current infrastructure and growth of the country made some drastic changes. As a result, international students can choose to study in different types of Vietnamese universities.  

This is everything you need to know about studying abroad with a twist. If you have any more questions, don’t forget to contact Leverage Edu

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